04/20/19 First Round, Gm6: Jets @ Blues game fx waco tx games

04/20/19 First Round, Gm6: Jets @ Blues

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dj khaled

Average Crow

I had a small panic attack on Tuesday this week actually. This video helps :)


The dog in GTA seems to be an Easter egg to grey friars Bobby, a statue in Scotland commerating a dog who watched his masters grave when he died, up until the dog itself died.

Internet Explorer

Holy ************************!??!?!!???!

Ello Ello

You are an amazing person! I can’t say more since there is no way to say how amazing you are! Prince? You are a true Prince!

Dylan Moniz

Red Sox dodgers rays

Badr M

the Sound of foot steps is the reason why I love your videos

weston thompson

# nerf is asome

Mansoor Haque

This was really good.

Rylan K

You guys need to do hide and seek stereotypes!

Vanessa Lloyd

Waiting for the video about what was on his ig🥵🥵


He was a bust

Dylan Piranio

aye my boy stenhouse jr

Phil’s World

Are these real


The dog in GTA is taken from the Scottish tale of the Greyfriars Bobby, a dog ( Skye Terrier ) that would return to its masters grave everyday for 14 years in Edinburgh. Look it up, kinda sad.

More Teddy axb

My favorite is Tyler


2:45 this is why car insurance is a thing

Even if you hate it, I'll make it feel like you're in it, though

Jim A

Spectrum Doom is just insane ! nice catch

jayasree ramesh

Show us who is panda. Show his face

Samuel Fardim


ي͠و͠س͠ف͠ آ͠ل͠م͠ح͠ب͠و͠ب͠

عربي لايك

Some of them offended me saying that no one loves me and I have no family at all.

Funtime Bonnie

It took me a minute to recognize the voice, but then I was all, "OOOOO, ITS BIJUU MIIKKKKEEE!!!!"


Wow thats harder than i thought... NOT ANYMORE

I lied

Joaquin Tomé

Panda it's the best


The voice over for the boy sounds like the girl


Those are badass glasses though, seriously, I would buy them if I knew where to look. ;)


The second reference is not for minecraft it is atcualy for a man who went mountain climbing and was killed by an avolanch but all they could find of his was a pickax engraved with notched

Andrew Garcia

The first Easter egg about cutting him into little stars is a quote from Romeo and Juliet


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Anon Relentless

I remember the mw3 mission it was kinda sad when they all died. But that's what the bitch gets for startling the birds! Lol

Jason Rogers



Coby will ever win a battle


Fun fact: the factory there where in is their DPHQ2 🧐

Phoenix Studioz

This is too obvious...

bust down

he’s not the strongest person BUT HE WAS A WRESTLER AND KNOW HOW TO FIGHT.



Reece Marquardt

You need more 🐼 PANDA

Yunho: Yes


Wasn't the roman republic ... a uhm a republic ... and so a representative democracy

Saud Dk

This one of the best videos you have done! :D


One of them could be the panda


1 like = 1 clap to the old lady and the girl's boyfriend.

Nathan Anderson

Winter Olympics edition 2?

joseph warren

shot* wasn't*

B-ball 4ever

What the heak is a bracket

goldy diamond

Rip car

Brody Mack

Oh so Drake can give shoulder massages to a coach on court but an average fan can’t give a lil push??