12 hidden mechanics Horizon: Zero Dawn never tells you about hvh game games

12 hidden mechanics Horizon: Zero Dawn never tells you about

Like the lumbering, robotic beasts that patrol its world, conquering Horizon: Zero Dawn is a massive undertaking. And while it does a pretty good job of teaching you the basic controls, it doesn’t fully explain trading, combat, or those little perks that end up being quite handy. So here are the 12 hidden mechanics Horizon never tells you about.For more from GamesRadar Subscribe:

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Guru, can i reuquest some games(Of course if there are any easter eggs)? The first is Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod. The second was Dark Souls(I don't know if you did a vido yet of Dark Souls). The third is The Lord of Rings: War in the north and the last i would ask is Batman Origins( I didn't see if you already did the video). Hope you see this comment. Like it to let Guru see it! (I would see something about SleepingDogs easter eggs, of there are any).

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