💙 14 Things You Should Know BEFORE Game of Thrones Season 8 game day speaker games

💙 14 Things You Should Know BEFORE Game of Thrones Season 8

⭐ GoT Season 8 PREVIEW ⭐ based on Clues from the VERY first episode of the show - "Winter is Coming" as well as the canon behind the first episode - 11 of the first 13 chapters in "A Game of Thrones" (Book 1 of "A Song of Ice and Fire")Subscribe to this Channel: Game of Thrones: Westworld: The Witcher (NETFLIX): Altered Carbon: Stormlight Archive: Ending Explained Videos: Movie Reviews:

Toy review City


Stories Khazana

10 percent of winning the battle ,Coby


Chandler jokes aside, Super Hot is lit in VR

Willi Bergemann

7:51 xD


But what about your foster parents, what happened to them?

Whats that?

Zeevee 96

i hope everything gets better for her

Pixel Reverze

Brad didn't stick the landing (14,000 ft)

LukaTek 99

Refaite en une

andrew carson


Brutus Bella

Subway roast beef 6inch

Bhaskar Pandey


You guys are like Mythbusters!


2:08 slow motion and you will realize that the ball is propelled without even touching it ahahahahah FAKEEEEEE AF

Me: that’s not a flute that’s a recorder 🤦‍♀️

Michael Moreno

The worst dude perfect video is by a girl

Doggo Doodles

I tried dancing and I stubbed my toe three times.

Gabriela Chang Ping-Nions

From the beggening when I heard "military" and "god" I knew it was him !

Renato C.Francisco

Eh GuruKid, I suggest a video of Easter Eggs referencing Half-life. I don't know if could be good but here is a suggestion.

Borian Georgievski

Germany must win

Madmonkey25 Ferreira

The shot gun looked really cool.They should do more of these videos

I’m useless, worthless, and that I should just kill my self, my mother is weak, and can’t do anything normally, she can’t even defend me, herself or anyone from my brother, I’ve slowly started to talk to my dad again, but he always blamed his work to not being able to see me or my brother, well, i do hate my brother, because he steals money, abuses me while nobody is looking, and thinks he’s the king of the world. He has stolen at least 200-400€ from me and my mother. He has been sent to another home to live, far away from us. I’m still depressed though, i think what my brother tells me is true. But my mom noticed my self harm and sent me to therapy. I have friends and best friends, but I’m still recovering from months without food because i felt insecure, and I’m gonna under watch until I’m better.

Billie Eilish

I'm just confused, not more. Just confused.

Cathy Jocson


Claire BlueBerryBear


Ex. (Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Cicis, Little Caesars, etc.)


Ty: Nice fish! pulls out a 2 lber

Asher Adair Marquez Cabrera

Thanos is Coming..

Ali Almsali

بيت اسطوري

Choco 123

Who's wathing this In 2017

Oo Kill Em

golden state worriers arena

armyy donut

Video: Lack of appetite

Victuuri!!! on ICE

reminds me of smosh

Tyler W

So fake. That full field shot was total BS.

Ammon Faerber

Bruh make more of these

Annavill Nilsson

that last shot was not only dangerous but also incredible

Oops wrong channel

Rocky //

I have the same racket as that really big one and I love it

Lisa Osterloh


ItsMe Stitch

An amazing 10 years it has been.

Keep up with your partner on an emotional level always and give your partner their freedom. I believe if you didn't marry a total douch she or he will do her best in a relationship if she/he feels loved. If your partner feels trapped in hell with you she/he ofcourse not. Think about your own behavior too.

Jamal Lucas

If youngboy was it was finna be 🔥

Emily S

I’m sorry but the if my brother was my biggest rival that’s just a big fat no no. He was just fake honestly. Like I like some puma shoes but honestly doing that to your siblings to your FAMILY ain’t cute💀🤦🏻‍♀️

??? : At 0:23, oh and we didn't cut the part when you acted because we are lazy and we can just exploit the youtube algarithim for tons of money.

Aziz Said

Holy shit.

share with

Jason's father taught me to bowl in orange nsw aus

Neptune Sunbeam


Sebastian LeRoux

Same 2018

Bucket Squad 2

not Garret for sure

Robert Wood

9:32 Hey, a clone trooper helmet!


And the transformers cube From halo reach

Me: (chuckles)


It’s sad but there’s probably already hentai out for Sonia.

claudia bravo

I have experienced pretty much all of these symptoms


Amazing work


Michael has a boy that is his son😂😂😂

Judy Vanderveer

The video was amazing

hiboux cheloux

Il est si précieux



What if they made a movie about the pizza planet truck and the guy operating it, and he travels through space and time delivering pizzas? If Pixar ever wanted to make a final movie, that would be a good plot for it

speedy jolteon

akey kill the leaker (don't quistion i'm a psycopath)

the video: shows the dog then the red rocket

Dayana MercyHeart

Well, I totally understand her...well I'm an half Imegrant (my Mom is Russian and Dad is Belarusian) I lived 2 years in the Netherlands with my twin brother (and parents of course) but when we moved to Germany, I wasn't really good at understanding and socialising, so I got always hated by other Kids by being like they say "Dumm"(on german dumb), but of course few years later...I got bullied for being a dumb f*k that was to proud of facting herself to be all foreigner,I always told my parents about it, but when they heard what my teachers were saying about my bad behavior I got slapped and spanked with my dad's belt...I remember he always said that I had to stop acting like a princess and start to turn my (non existing) brain on.By all these acts my parents did to me, I really started to lose trust to them...Years flew, and I became into a weak and too emotional crybaby that was scared of everything...After I figured out who I was supposed to be...Instead of being somewhere, preferred myself to be European.But of course people still believed that I'm all Russian just for talking and understanding their language.They always asked me about what any cussing-word would be on russian,but of course I always refused to tell them (because swearing in another language won't make you cooler, it makes you look dumb, mostly when you are in another country where the cuss is really known),but of course they knew the most known cuss in Russian *everybody may knows it ,just because my twin brother was the real trouble kid and yelled with it while the teachers where afraid of himself and for the whole class...I got always traited by them like trash, while I always told them that i'm not the onewho teached my brother to act like this and cuss in our language, that these were grown up Russian guys that swore on any let's play on YouTube.,. But now it's different...the whole nightmare has stopped.My family would always say that my bullies were just jealous for being so talented (I'm not bragging about it, but everyone would say I'm good in languages and in Art)...