2019 National Senior Games: June 20, 2019: Track and Field Final Day game used jerseys games

2019 National Senior Games: June 20, 2019: Track and Field Final Day

Multistreaming with

Khogn TM

How can anyone be thrilled by shovel fighting developed by DICE (whose knifing system is a catastrophe in the last BF instalments) and WW1's shitty weapons/vehicles is beyond me. As an old fan of the franchise, I was hoping for a return to their best title to date: BF 2142. But the idiocracy still reigns supreme. What else is new?




It is your choice Guru, we will not force or anything. :) loved all your channels, loved all your videos, I hoped you had alot of fun making those videos. As a subscriber i wish you best of luck!

Jeremias Carrizales

title: my mother was dying

Nawaz Pasha

Dude perfect hope they perfected with so many trials..i know they are not first but they are expected attempts with multiple attempts


You are the best on YouTube !!

Randall Scott

I’m like your hair

Keegan Pausma

Do more water jousting

Emily Bryant

5:34 legit thought he chucked the turtle lol

Patrick A

Who else realised who it was when you saw spacex and an electric car


Dude... imma minor and in my junk and spam in my email... there's some fucked things there, i keep reporting and they keep coming back, it started when i was 10 and i got an email early af... it fucked me up tho.../: also on insta, every now and then i get a message request from some random person , and it directs me to... you know what ):

Puppy Lover


The gaming master

1:51 fortnite shield

Leo Mazzola


Alexa Campbell

they called me mean things :( like homophobe :( all because i'm a homophobe??

Alexis The polar bear

9/11 is back

- puerto rico

Eli Griesser

The one into the pool was cool but you could tell it was after a lot of turns cause when he says he’s ready he has shoes on when he catches it he doesn’t have shoes👀👀😂 cool trick shot though that was really cool

Jim Jim UwU ;-;

Sling shot skeet shot 💀

Jessica McCann

Madison, WIPLZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finesse Daddy1k

The other day I found a shrine dedicated to Solomon Grundy with the song "Solomun Grundy born on a Monday.." playing next to a picture of his face.

Liked it .

Brent Morgan

My fav is rage monster

mark zamora

Time wasting , 🤔 Idiot perfect😏

The legend bros

Should have put eurobeat over this

I want to clarify this is just my opinion and I highly doubt everyone's going to agree with me. I'm not saying the way that the girl in this video was treated was correct, I think her friend should have sat down and had a more calm conversation about it rather than simply telling everyone. I don't think bullying someone on this scale for an opinion is always right, even if that opinion could hurt the feelings of others who disagreed. Even though I disagree with her, I'm glad she's found friends who can talk to her more constructively about it. Even if I disagree with people who are homophobic, there's a huge difference between actively dissing people who are homosexual and just having an opinion on it when they don't intend to spread harm.

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gracievee 44 at loeylane

I submitted one of my saddest story I could talk about with out feeling sick

Istabraq Sheikh



Probaly the best editing I've ever seen.

Muhd Irsyaduddin

Another Easter Egg Pls :D

history and games

What's their bait for the sharks?


philly from america

SaltFlake •

Okay but where can I get Luke's shirt

Colton Clarky


Taco Bell

We get free health care in Canada😎


Awesome work guru loved the mirrors edge Easter egg since office space was a hilarious movie and I loved every bit of it. Nicely done man, nicely done.