21 CRAZY TOYS HACKS THAT WILL SHOCK YOU game xay nha minecraft games


AWESOME DIY TOYSCheck out the amazing DIY toy hacks that we prepared for you today. Why buy new toys if you can upgrade the old ones or even make some new toys yourself? It will help you to save a lot of money, and it's also such fun!We start with amazing Barbie doll hacks. If you don't like your doll's hair, you can easily change it to something you like. We'll show you how to change Barbie's hair color, how to make them curly, and even how to make dreadlocks or braids for your Barbie doll. Summer is here, and your dolls are up to some beach fun! We have a few cool beach ideas for you Barbie here - 00:19. You can even make amazing DIY sunglasses for your dolls, they look just like the real ones! There are also some cool Barbie dress hacks.If you are a fan of dinosaurs and dragons, we have some cool news for you. Learn how to make awesome DIY dragon eggs and decorate your room with them. These items won't remain unnoticed, and they also can be a cool gift. Check out how to make dino soap, and what not!Watch this video up to the end and learn how to make DIY paper toys!TIMESTAMPS:00:20 - DIY Barbie hacks05:16 - Dragon egg tutorial05:51 - Dino soap09:30 - Paper decorations12:38 - Paper toys---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5-Minute Crafts: Instagram: Twitter: to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Bright Side of Youtube: For more videos and articles visit: by Epidemic Sound:

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