$2500+ of NEW Items!!! GameStop Dumpster Dive #52 game day speaker games

$2500+ of NEW Items!!! GameStop Dumpster Dive #52

Like and SUBSCRIBE to follow alongSHARE--------------------------------------------------------------------Check me out on Facebook and Share BIGGEST $$$ Find Ever!--------------------------------------------------------------------Huge Dive Summary!!! GameStop Dumpster Dive #51--------------------------------------------------------------------Welcome to my adventures diving in GameStop bins. I find games, accessories, systems and sometimes nothing. Follow along and lets see what I can save from the land fill.

Jadon101 Pro

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Hakim Catal

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All About The Mendez

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dr. dana anden Anden

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Mason Coleman

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Wesley Bryant

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Artistic Grace

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Abdoulaye Diallo

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Kaneki 2

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it doesn't work in Xbox 360 the portal song easter egg


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Daniel McGurk

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Alexander 111

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leoning Aer

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Jassim Mannai

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Lily's World

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flame game ignited Kingdom

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Jaitam Sezzz

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