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25 Toy Story Movie Mistakes That Slipped By Editors

Subscribe for more awesome videos: Toy Story franchise was a total, undeniable hit. When the first one came out in 1995, it was the first feature-length film to be entirely computer-animated and was Pixar’s debut feature film. At the time, animators were still playing with textures and were having a hard time making things they made look anything but glossy and shiny. Instead of letting this limit them, they worked with this effect and decided to make an entire film about toys. But not just any toys. The creators asked the question “what do our toys do when we’re not around?” and answered by creating a whole world where we have an insight into that magic that happens when we’re not looking. They brought us a sensitive cowboy who’s entire purpose in life is to make his owner happy and a space ranger toy who believes he can actually fly. The three movies took us on a ride that stretched far beyond the confines of Andy’s bedroom, and ended with many tears as Andy passed on his old friends to a new owner. While we agree the content of the films are near to flawless, there are a couple technical glitches that we found that we would like to share. Throughout the three films, objects disappear, things move nonsensically, and there are enough continuity errors to make your head spin. We’ll show you a scene in which the toys are watching TV and when the switch it off, their reflections aren’t there as well as a scene where Mr Potato Head loses an eye then miraculously grows it back in the next shot. Join us as we go to infinity and beyond! Our Social Media:Website

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