2nd Grade Parachute Fun Activities UMS PE game day speaker games

2nd Grade Parachute Fun Activities UMS PE

Students work together to do activities with parachute in PE

Cool Boy

It's was also in inside out and the good dinosaur and finding dory!!!!!! :)

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Rafif Ariq

Lebron James

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Skye Choi

This isn’t a hate comment but I kinda feel like Emma and Grayson were trying to be mean and exclude Ethan to cover up Ethan and Emma’s relationship..


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Manzoor Salim

Where you get it

Rizky Raditia


JL 44


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Lillie Blaylock

0:28 that explains why he's so pale!!!🤣

Es panita


Legend has it that sledgehammer has never been seen AGAIN...

Neil Prince

plot twist... she's gonna join the avengers 2.0 =p

m e

do u wanna build a snowman

Megan Vargas

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Pickle Rick

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Austin Z

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RDI Gang

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Pvt. JellyBean

Who else wants to go easter egg hunting? You there in the red shirt! Do you want to? Amazing! I've started you off with 2:17 if you look at the houses it spells out guru! Let's keep this goin' shall we?!

Elisel DuzGacha!

Wtf PE Teacher?!

The Angel of Fuckery

thank fuck im taking a shit while watching this

Campbell Holton

Hi my name is John Doe I get the reference