30 STRANGE Gaming Controllers You Probably DON'T REMEMBER game xapk games

30 STRANGE Gaming Controllers You Probably DON'T REMEMBER

Video game controllers have existed since the dawn of gaming, but it wasn't always so simple. Here are some strange attempts at revolutionizing the controller. Subscribe for more:

Billy GrcTV

the video and the song fix so well, congrats.

Andrej Rackov

operation outbreak but its a full game




Nice work man

Misty Dawn

To be honest the "jerk" did nothing

Mahro Animation Edits

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bryccoat476 FEM

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Isabella Roman

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everythingamigas Consequence

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Abraham Okomanyi

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Samanta Ancane


- dual wield lightsabers at one point

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Yunior Cruz


WookieCookie 2

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I Stole Your Jams



Title made me think this was about an abusive relationship.


Pale Fox

Hockey rink walls needed.

Melissa Smith


Coconut Productions

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Sunken Visions

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Haris Ahmad

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LegoMyEggo Films

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cici doggo

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James Lee-Jervis

Is the panda Cory by any chance?

Now granted Bethesda is much bigger company than Hello Games i think if the community sticks with Bethesda they will have the games faults and bugs fixed up in no time.........

Alix Cole

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saleh dabaghiyan

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Brittany Scott

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Brickbro Films



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Tohtori Vanukas

Oh my God... That end was actually unsatisfying... I thought it was worth to watch. For the first time

The Hall Holdings

DP HQ is my fav

Default Dan

Just throwing around a shotgun?


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Jared Morrow


Imogen Thompson

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legolas flamier

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Love this series man