3 Secrets to getting men to do whatever you want (How to be a female player) game day speaker games

3 Secrets to getting men to do whatever you want (How to be a female player)

A lot of women want to know how to be female players and get what they want from any guy. This video tells you how to do that and some of the pros and cons of this lifestyle. Get tickets for Learning to Live for You (Dropping Expectations and Picking Up Happiness) Online and Live In-person tickets available Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2019 Time: 7:00PM-8:00PM, EST Location: Mansour Conference Center 995 Roswell St. Marietta, GA 30060

Kathy 1162

600th comment

Jordan Walker

Why df have sex? When you just going to bring the poor thing to two broke young parents

Erick ‘Anorak’ Melton

So doc oc is coming orrrr?

siddharth Sharma

What kind of bottle is that??


@etniesk8r23 Song is called "Mama" by Manic Bloom but it was before they added words to it, now the finished song is called "In Loving Memory"

Tanisha Gabriel

Seriously if this ever happened to me I would be scared of my house for life!!!!

Pedro Amgel Tito Conislla

hakunamatata yaaaa

Wig? Snatched.

Thought the title said "11 shits for Marbles' 11th birthday."

Chance TimesInfinity

this is legit like an 8th grade final test and its hilariously hard for them

Lilly stofleth

I think that you should do Wives vs Chad more. I love that segment!!!!

Superpizzaluigi 667

Oh how she later regretted that

Caden Ramey

Do a slingshot trick shots! Like if you agree!

LNG Silver

everyone saying dj kahlaed thats fucking earl sweatshirt at the end and excuse me i dont now how to spell his name

Matt Gibson

"We've got ANOTHER proposal for them." NICE!

Kevin Cuenca

Cristiano Ronaldo

Sasa Strbac




Michael Knoll

no one could call you a douche, youre a wizard

Sree Niketh

Bottle on cory for change poor coby

creeper jaket mobile

Can I get 10 like sd my grandma past away yesterday

More BaconBitz

I’m sorry but the Japanese voices fit the characters so much better I only listen to dubs when I’m like brushing my teeth or doing my homework so I can multitask

Chirag Kagalkar

Dude perfect is amazing!

- Venezuela

radio qoodeng

Just "Alien: Colonial Marines" showing up on the screen is scary enough.

The Insanity

3:03 holy...

عبدالعزيز طوهري

كفو والله موبدعين

The ultra Cam


Fat Walrus

The WaW zombies one is on phones

Skin Bear

Im a chicken and fish guy only.


Outback isn’t Australian. And Texans do swear well.😉

I'm real - Ben

17:09 GIVE HIM A DANM HUG! >:(

Harith Arsyad :3

i wonder how thor left his hammer after age of ultron

Sumu Alsayyida



Straight 🔥🔥🔥

Connor Mathias

Hey Guru, here's an idea for a future minisode: the Fallen Knights in Witcher 3's Hearts of Stone DLC sometimes shout Mad Max: Fury Road lines. It's kind of rare, but it does happen.

Ria Reneé

These seem exaggerattive anybody else not know where they belong


Carrion :3

Michele Kibue

The cannons shot.

Neighborhood Tv

3:26 what is with Coby's hair

Kelly Gachaverse roblox Minecraft

My dad family got a deportation order and my dad has to go back with his family to where he is my mom is working hard

Jeffrey Slagle

is this cannon

Ricardo Alberto

Heey guru, what about a easter eggs on my easter eggs videos video, :D i dont know just think it :3 im a big fan your :3

Raphael Sailer

lets go stars!!!

Rz kills

at 0:32 cory pulled it out did you see that

Adolfo Fernando Palma Cambisaca

Esta linda la música

Adam Bull

I just lost a couple of brain cells realizing BRYAN cheats more than Joey but we’re all suppose to think that’s Joey 😆

Pyth Trecy

guys can you believe its 2034 and im still watching this

East Koast Emp’Rah

I don't get 5 or 4

Brigid McCrea

More fencing vids!  Love them!


Haha panda in the audience