5 Minute GAME OF THRONES Recap!!! qvc game of thrones wine games

5 Minute GAME OF THRONES Recap!!!

It's the RIDICULOUSLY ABRIDGED 5 minute recap of Game of Thrones! I made an incredible, in-depth recap already, but it's 30 minutes long. I know that's a big commitment, so here ya go, the ABSURDLY SHORT 5 minute version! COMPLETE Seasons 1 - 7 Recap!Season 7 Recap!more detailed individual season recaps! - me out on Miscast Entertainment! -me on Patreon for extra fun! -T-Shirts:#ForTheThrone #WinterIsComing

Mia Carrillo

You can’t tell me Ethan and Emma aren’t dating.

1 sub without videos

Dont worry its fake props

Awkward Aquarius

Jeff still looks h0t


2:20 The memes


I feel dorry for vikk tbh

dekkubo boo

shrek is love. shrek is...?


2:50- 2:55, SOO Satisfying

سكت الحيات

tabieun ealaa alqunaat waetuni layk

Tejas Raut

It starts more like a horror film 😂❤️

Sam Martin

1:60 Test

Katja Yount

This is the level of crazy dog mom I aspire to be


That was creepy......still awesome though

[Verse 3: Chris Brown]

Foxy Boy

Can you give me one of the dertbike

mark shen

Billy has the better finishing pose


The second easter egg was in a museum that strongly resembled penguins museum in batman arkham city, and it also looked like the voice thing was based on it too.

kitty kat

Attack on titan intensifies

Jack Edge

FAKE!I blow up flour ALL THE TIME and it does NOT look like thisdisliked

magma lan

what did he say please pm me the answer

alex pratt

Xbox: freaking out about 120 FPS

Cameron Draws

Lmao loser

Litttle Pimpis

NA means faggots


This is so freaking relatable to me. 😔

Baseball boy 72150

Panda ambush lol! 🐼😂

You gotta Husband I bet he doesn’t Hit ya

KatlynGaming Kitty kitty