7 Cool Crafts That ERASE THE LIMITS qvc game of thrones wine games

7 Cool Crafts That ERASE THE LIMITS

Forget everything you knew about the crafts and let Slime Sam show you what incredible things you can do at home. Mix Orbeez with Nutella, melt crayons, squeeze the soap and much more! Make your weekends fun!Subscribe to Sam's channel and give a thumbs up to make him motivated to make more videos for you! - -All music is licensed under MUSIC STANDARD LICENSE:OPENING THEMETitle: CuckooSource: The Shark SongSource: The Wheels on the BusSource: Secret AgentSource:

Esrat jahan

This video reminds me about my childhood.Today i am not confident at all.I can't take a simple decision without anyone's approval.I can't say no to anyone.The worst part is still now my parents don't understand me.I have always wanted my parents to encourage me,understand me and my dreams.They say i am not like my elder sister.I am mentally very weak than her.Hearing this comments everyday, now i am so scare to do anything by myself. I suffer from anxiety.May be a severe kind of anxiety.Though I really need someone's help to overcome my anxiety my parents don't pay any attention.Whenever i tell them about my situation or going to a doctor they ignore me.I feel like inside me i am


Another amazing upload!

Nabeeha blues


CrytilGalaxy _

Lol I'm the anxious one lol


I would have not cared I would simply walk to her and take a towel...


I'm the "where is my cup" guy

Ted Anderson

At 5:47, not only does the email itself reference Fahrenheit 451, the writer of the email is "R. Brad Burrie"—short for "Ray Bradbury."

missmessyourself missmassyourself


MR GayminG


pikagirl TL

(AGAIN)one of the reasons, why school is a horrible place for emotional/innocent people

Jazzy Jade

3:48 omfl I thought the door said "the rapist" 😂 😂


What ball was that?

Ella Vesper

Idk if it would work but maybe shave your head when you know that you have cancer and keep the hair and have somebody make it into a wig

I animate


Slim Hades

He saved Golden State this game with his 11 points, but they done next game

F. T. S.

I just watched Stampyrocks88 videos they are awesome 

Darth Khaeus

Prince Jeffery's final line you showed in the video is also an easter egg, but I guess that is also a spoiler :P

Chilly Beans

Unbelievable she still being an ass.


THIS IS EVERYTHING! (the world,life)

Ragu shesh

Trick shots with Garrett Bale

Ljs Scarth

fond it

Can I get an amen ?


Anyone else just find this video ages after you decided you had seen all dp’s videos

itzRobie Gaming

Brent sounds like my uncle.

ThePearson Brothers


jonathan Lara

What happend to your dog benji

Kshitij Anand

Is no one going to see that Garret's rocket's flame was actually purple


You're awesome, Guru! :P

Mei Hall ニャーニャー!



OMG! Every single one of those Manaola dresses was STUNNING!

She’s a nurse

Sheps Cook

4:24 suddenly gets black hair

hilma cespedes

They should add radiation to dieing light like fallout like abandoned buildings that will be so cool

Coffee is disgusting and Starbucks is overrated.

Caleb Varghese

Great moves! But Soo much noise!!

Oddly Satisfying

Why do y’all beep out bully oh my god

Maddie Raczynski

Barbara, Ed, Deborah, and Rita? Wow! I had no ideaaaa those were actually reactors! 😂


cool video thanks for sharing :-)

ポケットモンスター 1997 - 2019


I dont want you to repeat yourself, but it would be really great to see a video dedicated just to all the emotes, emoticons, back blings and etc, reading their description/how to they look like and what they reference. For example, the "Chomp Jr." Pickaxe's description is "They're going to need a bigger fort", wich i assume you know where that comes from. Like that, there are many, many more that even i dont know of. Hope you like the idea!

eyja fjalajokull

wall-e\best movie ever

Jake Driver

Grunttssssss in Spaceeeee !

Turkey Man

7:02 the rainbow 🌈 version of Sam! Love it.

No really thank you👉👉

Colleen King

7:37 Cody: He could fly to Wisconsin today for no reason!Foreshadowing much? Lol 😂