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8 Video Game Enemies That Help You Defeat Them

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destruction land

the silly salmon

Miguel Tobias

Listening to this song until I get sick of it.. which won’t be for awhile.

Breakthrough breakthrough

Big Meech!

The 1000 likes thing has to be a joke lmao

For this beautifully strong girl and her sister


Appreciate the meanings of those jokes in the description


This girl divorced, survived a plane crash, broke up, oh yeah

Ronn Da Don

The eastbay book took me way back

Saije Phelps


paul cooper

Who else is here in 2019

Mister Vis

That's why I love Disney trailers. They make successful trailers without spoiling almost anything.

Me: actually, its the worst one to ever exist

Honey_dew Luhh

I felt this 😭 I was also a relationship like this and I’m glad I moved on


That ending had me dead 🤣

Jennifer Galloway

Where did they get that shopping cart from

Bryan Kelly

Aye , been awhile man .. parents: still nice


Knives coming out already

scootermc scooterface

Im so sick of being hungry and broke time to waste my next paycheck on a fuck ton of ingredients, and then get evicted becuase everything went to the food

Maria Rodriguez

Dud arsals is teash

Charlie Clark


Day 1: AAHHHHH MOMMY!!! cried and goes to sleep lots of cramps and a little bit of blood

Cade Hill

Tyler is kind of selfish, he doesn’t give anyone a single, little chance to win even though he’s won so many.

Me: 0:50






So anyone who doesn't agree with your ideals is close minded? Why do people think it's their right for us to feel a certain way about them? It's just selfish, you do you but don't ask everyone else to change so you can feel more comfortable.

Violet Smith

Everyone is beautiful don't let people bring you down 💗💗💗💗💗💗

Nandhilam Nandhilam

Dudes are perfect


“ I was born to a 17 year old mother who was 17 at the time”

Sheela Morena


Ahmed Rashid

can you guys subscribe yusufastic

Ruchi Priyamvada

Don't worry girl you don't find true love at school age....And trust me you're going to fall for 6 more persons like that before you get married (A/Psychology)...

marinnette dupain-cheng

I have story but where should i share it?