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All Sports Baseball Battle | Dude Perfect

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Tamas Sandor

Thank you soooo much for the jumpscare warning, thats why im subscribed.

Harvey Cattanach

I thought it was the rare animal in farcry 3


Thats funny. Most of thier vids i watch 4 years later

Jay Sucks At YouTube

These animations are so cute until you realize you're learning something about your imminent death and then nice British voice narrator man calms you down with a soothing reassurance.

Júnior Medeiros

Até que fim um jogo bonzinho de herói, pois só o homem aranha era bom.


watch our playground edition

Please, people, don't be cruel 😭 They were already at home, so they started the game and beat it. 

Blade Eason

How old r u guru?

Ege Taylan


ali gamez 123

محمد حسن

Sergey Novikov

I definitely will buy this game!

Gold Wing

Croc is from Batman

Sarah Bryant

A teacher saved your life... my teacher ruined mine

Candy Sprout

But.. It's 4:02 long..

Iron Cam

The bow ducker

Rob Espierre


Broccoli Stew

Fucking delicious donut spotted


Woman’s bracket that’s funny😂

To the place I belong


The dolphins should draft him

Jonas The Phat Cat

Holy shit that shake weight is actually genius


Should would love to be panda

Brittany Hopkins

team necklace!!

Faloran A

I hate frozen it is gay



Hassam Mohsin

DP Is the best

Burton Moore

I have BPD, and I am concerned I have passed it to my daughter. My wife doesn't seem to want to believe that there is anything different about me and that I am just 'weird'. Growing up my parents did the best they could to help me, even if they had no idea what was different about me. I fear that my little girl will have to face the same confusion and emotional hurricanes I faced and still face too this very day.

Emily Arciaga

I wanna become a chef too

#IHateRappers #ProudCatOwner #IEatPussy

They redid this so much cooler


I fucking hated driving in gta iv it felt like I was driving on ice!

Faeeljzt 12


Miriam Quinonez

you dont get that you are post to be in the loving home not a bad one poor you 😢

Fortnite Moose


Small makes this person make a fit or even scream. Once during our first exams, maybe the 2nd week of school. He got a pretty average score on a test(btw I will name this person Alex)when another person got probably 18/20. When she heard those results, Alex made a big fit and cried, Alex also said "I wanna kill him" Fortunately anyway it was just a fit. They weren't close but they were ok after that. And at least when Alex got lower grades after that he was fine with it.

anitha braj

pooping comitation😣

Jegan the mass

You can pubg or any game like that in vr mode

Gaming_ X



Am I the only one who hears the round start sound at the start of this trailer?

ally venegas

2.4 M 😭❤️❤️

holly stewart

At 3:19

Urr_i_li Su

We are family

Aaron Gigney

In tales from the borderlands when you vist jacks office in episode 4 he tells you about the terminator arm

Black Dynamite

4:47 is that C'thun?


I love baseball and this song 10/10 video 2019 by the way

Unknown50567 1

Lol I love how Tanner HAS to use all of the products XD cough golf club that you urinate in cough

Haris Grabus

Kurac moj

Peyton Teddlie

I want mire videos with bloopers

Ren God of Hoes and Heroin

Hysteria... coming from the greek root hyster meaning womb or uterus. Just another way to INVALIDATE women and girls experiencing REAL mental health issues. Or another way to just call a woman crazy. "Welp she is just hysterical so dont ever listen to her." Really sad a girl is narrating this.

Kilkenny Swag

games play best on Xbox one, plays on PlayStation 4


John Wick vs the Punisher pleeease

Mistyczna Nessy


Lucian Wong


Hisham Alhusaini

The reason why we hate school is because we eventually learn stuff that has no interest and no point of us learning

Jackie Hannoush-Halpy

I went to park city Utah the week before you guys Coby all the way.The hotel I staid in is called Steins Erickson Lodge.this is the first time I subcrbed before.Pound it Knoug it