Analisis del Episodio 6 de Game of Thrones Temporada 8! gameost games

Analisis del Episodio 6 de Game of Thrones Temporada 8!

Crítica y analisis del sexto capitulo de la 8va temporada de Game of Thrones. Dejen su opinión del video y del capitulo!. El capitulo final!Si te gustó el video o el canal suscribite: si queres apoyarme y crear el contenido conmigo podes hacerte miembro del canal! Chequea los beneficios: ver las series que recomiendo: ver mis opiniones sobre series: ver videos sobre mi: ver videos sobre el Universo Marvel: a Santbits por la música del final!No se olviden de suscribirse y seguirme en mis otras redes sociales:Instagram: la mayoría de las escenas con Streamlabs OBS:

That's not it though, in GTA V, the Epsilon program worship a deity called "Kraff", he's described with a birthmark over his right eye...Francis Sinclair is a descendant of Kraff!!!!


*mind blown*

Cullen Miller

Howie was glad to have a good reason to press the golden button with his foot so he didnt have to touch it with his hand


Inception was such a great film , I just remember that I was close to cry...

Jacob Currin

So much for Assassins creed

lucy the killer

I'm sorry for you

Patrick G

I mean that one record was named The Shambalas which is probably a reference to Uncharted 2

sin and confess Your thankfulness for what Jesus did for you.  Put your

shees Chaudhry

Love you guys forever

milkeeunicorns gaming

Bonus round was the tell me what you want what you really really want song

Homer Hung

is uncharted and the last of us sharing the same universe ?

mariana salcido

Arent they rude they tale ouy the sharks like if you qgree

Jay Johnson

Keep holding it down!

Devin Harris

I am a team purple hoser fan

KBVD [Subscribe!]

Mike Evans at the bull riding xD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Hey ItzRyan2428

I mostly like the one were u turn into bigfoot

Logan Cheal


Blue eyes

You told the world all her secrets.

Subscribe for no Reason

Oh my god

Eric Williams

Ike so fancy you already know it

Jaiden: stop fistbumping me

Henry Collins

David Ortiz

Btw now u are immune to every comment ever :)

Ryan MB

Isn’t the song from NHL 18?

Mya The Ink Demon

you draw better than me tho

Ethan Senatore

I feel so bad for Coby

Heather Graham

I want that panther.

Timothy Isaac Tan

No chance


My favorite easter egg was the Dark Souls one I think, but it's not on here.

Random Puck

I am mad at both teams hockey is awesome how did they not get it

Ismokebigbackwoods Gang

The black ops 2 scared the shit out of me




no yeah boii for playdead's new announcement?