Andre Agassi & Steffi Graf - Deux Jours, Un Destin 1/3 game vbhf games

Andre Agassi & Steffi Graf - Deux Jours, Un Destin 1/3

French documentary about Roland Garros 1999.Aired June of 2009.Part 1 of 3.

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Jennifer Roberts

do you like hockey

Syed Shakeel Ahmad

This is dope! Nate.

norah meisch

I love the minute long intro.


I only played metal gear 4 and stopped when I thought the game ended WHEN I WAS TOO EARLY



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Hamsa Farah

Lil baby wasn’t good but gunna killed it

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May Bucky rest in peace

Joey Hanss

i dont see why he's carrying a gun


Notice how every Easter Eggs in Brave are in the same scene (in the witch's house?idk?) ;The Pizza Planet Truck,A113 and Sulley.

Liam Unsworth

when my video buffered, it showed a fidget spinner (cuz i came here from kacpi26)


Thanks for zooming, otherwise we neeeeeveeeeer would have seen any of the A113s

Josie Courtney

Afterpay: ah shit here we go again


Brandon McC

Windshield installer:So, what happened to the windshield?

Janette Lavender

You are a beautiful woman but you wear way too much makeup. It gets in the way of your real face.

Me:Why are you holding that fire thing are you gonna burn meh


Well, shit.

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DP is the best👍🏻


RvB is now on Netflix.

wakasocool waka

The one that with Tyler open his legs play michael Jordan


Team Necklace

MJpana HX

This is so old ty already died 😢😢😢


That was unexpectedly short. But still entertaining as usual. Weird, there is no commentary at all, but just facts and hidden secrets. But still entertaining. That is why I love ya! (no homo  ;)  )

Pastel Flower

Woaw, sometimes i dont wanna go to school, And she really wants to xD

Kristina Ball


Sir Someone The someone

You had a phone at 8?!

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Haha 7th comment


Figure Wizard

Like for canada

tyelor dietrich

Where is jumpstreet


Oh I thought this was about the champions league

life with Olive

The 1k dislikes are prob the 1k creeps who asked for nudes!

Da Boss

Crossbow did 209 damage! BUT THIS AIN’T FORTNITE

Raging_Bolt_HP 420360

FunWithGuro is the best easter egg finder in all YouTube History Give him a Clap and Respect Pls......

YoonMin NamJin TaeKook Jarmy/j-army

I have EXTREME anxiety<<<

Paige Kotera

Aww happy birthday mines on the 17th and I'm turning 11 too

Kaitlynn Herrera

ugh so ungrateful😒😒😡

Kian Karl G. Tadaya

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Bananennudel UGH

prepares for jumpscare

Yeet Meat

And I thought you woke up in a stranger's house.

James Murray

On my scooter I am going and watching your videos

Braiden Williams



I thought the title said “Hit or miss”


Question: How do you find easter eggs? I mean bizarre and well hidden one

OLe Jack Green The weird green guy

Make yourself LEGALIZED then !