Asmongold Reacts to a Reddit Post That Compares Previous Expansions to BFA With Mcconnell game rpg offline pc games

Asmongold Reacts to a Reddit Post That Compares Previous Expansions to BFA With Mcconnell

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Still Chill

I always thought that the orange line in Amazon was just there for no reason but now i understand the meaning of it

Leland Marc Anthony Cayco

Kid wheres ur mom

yankee kidd

1:45 shows how frickin hot it is!!!

Jenny’s Life

The fact that they bullied her brother was fucked up I would have fought they because he can’t control it I wouldn’t care if he was my brother or not I would still fight everyone that bullied him

CrazyNaturelover_V ;3

It took me 4:03 minutes to realize that Sugar was actually sugar xdd

That is a reference to an spanish youtuber called: Mangel Rogel because he uploaded videos of the first octodad game and make it very popular

Mac Kenzie

There are more comments talking asking why people are talking about the open relationship instead of the abuse than comments talking about the open relationship.


HEY you are original you dont need a outro or something like that (if you want) and for me you are better that Jacksepticeye

Selke 37

cody is so obnoxious

Gibby ,

Reminds me of Naruto lmao

Rizky Rusfian


Jane Unicorn

my uncle has diabetes(I'm pretty sure the same type as the girl in the video) he's been going through alot and he's just sick of doing dialysis for about 50 years now (he started having to do it when he was 5) he has alot of health stuff besides that too. he is on the list to get a new kidney, I am pretty sure he has a leg issue and arm so yeah. I don't get to see him much either science we are 15 hours apart, but surely is he the only relative that actually means something to me.

Sloth Sloth

Cool shot

borris Abachiche

my dad has gastric Peresices and type 2 diabetes also he has to take a shot every night he has to smoke marajhana or weed also he has a clostomy he has to smoke so he has no pain in the stomach or even help him not to puke he has so much other things like dka and more

mudkip warrior

does, anybody see that green thing? what is it 1:30

Rytoon 18

❄️🍁Wow! This Movie’s gonna rock!!! BTW: 1:39 Is that a Giant Rock Monster?!?!🍁❄️

It’s we bare bears



Amkumari Purja

always TY will win


Ultimate guide for blops 2 zombie!!! Thanks for making!!!