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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Review

Ezio's Roman holiday is a joyous and gorgeous addition to a quality series.Read the full review: & Reviews - & Guides - - NASL & eSports - Gaming -- - Live -

jess mok

hahahah elle and her slime😂😂 that’s so cute!! i love you so much ace family!🥰💕😘


There is also one in Just Cause 3, with a mission titled 'Watchers on the wall' and one of the main characters has a piss off the edge!


when i was 3..i used to steal Chocolates...:))

Just Ella

When hell is a swear word

Rithus Bannafoo

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah nice

Pengu Squad

So remember what happened when you let it go

A Not So Furry, Furry Animations

Oh I am depressed well luckily I'll get help

omar oa 420

Almost better than The OG song 🐐💯❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💨

The ball hog 👇🏻 💪🏻 man

MS5 Studios

a113... Put that up so down and you get ella

Nate D

What's u gamer tag mines CryonicGolem100

Katelynn Sierra

he didn't touch second base

Linda F

Are ANY of the RAPTORS actually FROM Canada?  How many Canadian's play in the NBA anyway?

J Lee

I.Got.The. Game

Kay Yvette

I'm 11 I just started Sunday on Easter and its horrible


there is a grammar mistake in the text following the clip from 'Inside'

We would all be safe


This person is terrible.

That 1 Damon

4:15 it’s really a lukewarm seat if I’m completely honest


I knew the Portal 2 and Borderlands 2 one

Clara Quinn

sory theres sticky notes on the white board


Those generators look like the RTGs used to power old remote lighthouses in the former Soviet Union.


Cum sox

olee 182

Omg yaaassss early!!!!!!


Austin Kim

I'll be sure to get this on Steam 6 months later after release




98% of the comments: L e t s p l a y o u r s e c r e t g a m E

Almighty Dankukus, the REEE

and then mr beast comes in with real ships and real explosives

Kuno BH

I like the last easter egg


Dude I love watching your videos, each time its a game I have, I sit down and copy exactly what you do to find then, keep up at this, its great!

Timothy Norum

go dudes. their perfect.

Philipp Puk

There's also the Phones with a The Division wallpaper in the some stores


lol dressed your watch dogs guy as uerkle I presume?


I just tried it and it all works


H3H3 song!

Cholo Matas

the teleporter is like a reference to another game,it's like in the borderlands when you die and you respawn


Cory’s is gonna go 2 feet

Harry Geary

5:42 I would like to say our passengers came to a safe landing... It landed on its nose

There are laws