Bad Game Design - (Some) NES Games game ft 50 cent games

Bad Game Design - (Some) NES Games

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I find it heartwarming to see things like Kairi, Riku and Sora together, and Kratos and Atreus journeying.

gabriela colak

Im the smuggler!!!

Prasanna Pillai

Why doesn't Gar do a slam dunk?


Near Dallas, Texas

Jacob N

It's look like you had fun there !😀

Ayiana Loves

20% of the comments are about Funny stuff about Ethan,Emma and Grayson



Archana Yadav

F2 are the best

pindah channel

Sup dude

Tydus Lumber

Oh shit I know what I’m doing for my birthday

Kinnick Niedermann

Ty do you actually like thesaints

Laine Roy


Deion Witcher

just saiyan, this shit look fire

Tehseen Ahmad

for persuasive essays, we are allowed to make up statistics where i live so uh, you go man

Ernesto Bilbao V

Can you please not waste that much stuff?


0:43 guys that sign on the left. see it? does it mean anything special? 'cause it means "mad" or "crazy" in Turkish.

This Story is Absol

Fun for ever

Dude you are amazing

a mo

Haven´t you seen the mouse running in the street after she pulls the trigger??

Jack Murray

I get you ty I’m team Ty people shouldn’t say that

Felicia Gonzales

Easily one of the BEST openings I've seen in a while


Actualy guys put COD: Black ops II

Matthew De La Mora

You should do a other game with qonsequences.

Ariel F

Let me guess, you are a PC gamer.

Prabhakaran .M

Elsa: How are you going to protect me?Anna: starts singing

Kaiden Jones

halo 3 was fake -_-


Their stories of

And you did too.

Daiyin Naicker

Who’s watching this in 2018

Joe Shmow II

The first was a littel sad:(

Teiya Griffin

Dark crusted looking skin

Josh Wilson

granted this football trick stuff is cool,but when people say dumb shit like oh he should get drafted,thats just dumb,just because you can throw some trick shots does not mean you can throw just a regular pass in a game while 300 pound guys are trying to take your head off,get real people

KYL'OG Tomlinson

Straight outta SOUTH AFRICA!! The marathon continues stone holding it down for Tmc


"I want to swim in Gatorade!"


First =] And very nice


Have you ever hear of WIND? Yeah it may have taken them many shots to get it right, but stop being so damn jealous about it!

Tristin Bredenkamp

Hey guys love your vids I have been subscribed since 2 million subs .Can you guys pls learn dice stacking then make a video about it

Jessica Lundy

the pickax is not confirmed to be named after notch

Antisocial Teen

She’s a savege


Joshua McLeod

Will you be doing more voice overs? I find it much better

Nathan Bailey

yessssss coby

Stone Gibson

I bet its panda, and 2019


anyone December 2018?

Mia Reece

This happened to my mom(it was a miscarriage, so not a still born) before she had my brother and I (my brother is the oldest) she was trying for a baby, it was a baby girl. She lost her when she was 3 1/2 months pregnant. Her name was supposed Amelia. I still kinda wished I had a sister. But, I’m very lucky to have an older brother. ❤️

Ellen Österberg

Im sorry but this makes me disgusted, because i was also bullied by my best friends too


DUDE if you could you can come. To my house

Raygan Hamm

I have the same birthday as Kermit 😂

Eyeball Paul

I don't understand the last one at all....


Anwargaming yt

Patriots tom brady julian edleman steven gostkowski rob gronkowski deion lewis james white brandon cools danny amemdola whole team is good im the #1 patriots fan no dought aboit it

Retro Pizza

Nice special effects