Basically, which job to play | FFXIV game ok naam games

Basically, which job to play | FFXIV

Shadowbringers is soon, don't know what job to play? Here's a class overview!Follow me on Twitch ► on Patreon ► streams ► Merch ► FANTASY XIV © 2010-2017 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Yağmur Toklucu

Ben türküm

Joe Campeau

I'm a hunter myself and I can admit! I'm "The deer stopping, Meehh"lol, Love the video guys

Hayden Huelsman

Oakland raiders us my favorite team

hello my name is pepe

omg the rat one is hilarious!! 😂

LimeSkullGaming Gaming

Pls someone gift me a skin I'm a default Ps:my name is Aleksandar0984


I'm late in watching but me and dat Panda are buddies now.


Skip over 6:22 - 6:51

William Hamilton

im so close of beating the game


damn sucks to be an bigot


"I hop in foreigns for my boys who took a ride in that hearse


2:30 anyone see the Fortnite emotes

Anyone played Talos principle? Walking into the outer parts of the map into the water freaks me the hell out!

Nate Marshall

So 😎

not a word

Pills Stealer

You forgot to mention that if you push the cube off GLaDos says "what are you doing? you monster!"


damn, doing these easter eggs took the piss. But also fun to do :) thanks guru. -Menu Alpha

Carter Morgan

Awesome 👏😎😍😱😱


Manda Gaikwad

Hope ....j-hoppeeeeee

Mia Payad

Am I the only one who saw the rainbow in the back?

Derrick Rose

2:06 what about dj khaled

Ali Ahmed

55:30 like if tricked

David LaRoche Jr

What software do you use to edit/produces these videos?

Marrufin Baniaga

I played this game


He only said ‘im nervous’ once at the theater. He never said he would do what he did.

Lance Hallstrom

Lol Pandas Can Dunk

DapperFirebreath 890


Shereen Ahmed

I have struggled and am still struggling GREATLY with how I view my appearance, I have really rough days about it and keep comparing myself but I guess that’s High School in a nutshell kinda. Appearance is always going to be a great part of your life, and there’s no way to sugarcoat that- however beauty really is in the eyes of the beholder. Not everyone is going to find one person ugly, or one person beautiful. And I learned that the hard way. What I realized tho is that feeling your best sometimes has to do with how you look, this doesn’t mean wearing a full face of makeup or anything- it means clean hair and clean clothes. Whatever that makes you feel good- trust me it doesn’t a HELL of a difference! I’m glad you realized that what’s inside really matters more than what’s on the outside because it’s so true tho. If there’s this really really hot chick but she’s a Dick, you would think of her a pretty sure, but would you like her? Hellll no!


I love this..😭❤

Pastel Moon

Not to be rude but The teachers Are on some type of drugs.

Cruchty Low


Discovery&Fun 11

Please make the expensive gamesFree please I am 9 years old

opening kings

Can you do another overtime

Minna Christal

Maybe her creation turned into like a experiment and now the experiment is bad

Depression, anxiety, etc please talk to someone you trust. 🙂

Mega Halo Motion

So kind!!!

Mystic Investigations

Every 50 years or so everyone suddenly looks at old movies and becomes shocked at how inappropriate they were. The people who watched them were backward politically incorrect Neanderthals. Nothing worse than people judging history by current standards.

Brodie Ogden

If all those were mixed, I would have a heart attack.


Harley Quinn


I was making fun but it's true, everyone post's anything and it was ennoyng.

Andrew Erickson

You'll shoot your eye out is from A Christmas Story it's a classic Cody!

mavis t



This is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x better than My Story Animated

Edmundo Gomez

How many time do you spend editing these videos?


He bought Game of the year so he can be level 69 -.-

kamen rider Faiz


DapperFirebreath 890


Varad Sonawane

Do the Cheesecake from Friends please :-) :-)

God i miss Reggie ❤️