Battlefield 4 - Epic Moments (#58) game fx waco tx games

Battlefield 4 - Epic Moments (#58)

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Xx Dreamlander xX

How wholesome

Quadruple A Batterie

I hate to admit it... but I had a very similar life...

Chris Corradine

They're a pain in the arse

Shashwat Singh

You should film another video with Michale Jordan or Usain bolt

Friends Friends friends

black Princess

1like= 2M. Punches 4 d p.e teacher

Evonte Walton

how was that banana one dirty

Christy Laquindanum

Religion , beliefs gives me massive HEADACHE

Arilen Chan

Black Mirror

Mew Two

Learn to be friends with Anne-Xiety

gaming for life hi


home Satish84

Sorry coby but your are my friend

Louise Taylor

Thats so sad

Oliver McVay

Omfg I was just watching Edward scissorhands the other day and I was literally watching that scene thinking “this is some unintentional asmr”


I’m the human controller😂

Artimus Gordon

Oh yes Max AKA Lebron's jock holder will take credit for Leonard's AKA smelly dreads Death

Big Oof

Definitely not an introvert

Collin Carlson