Battlefield 4 Random Moments #78 (Unexpected Surprises!) game xapk games

Battlefield 4 Random Moments #78 (Unexpected Surprises!)

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Agify LL

Song ....?


King of nuclear fallout 33210


Rebecca Persaud

Hey ☺ the the money e8738ryujzjdh

Lance Hendriksen, the actor who plays Carl in the game had also once played the role of an Android named Bisshop in 1986 Aliens and in the movie he is ordered to take living samples of the alien to earth but in the end he disobeys.

Does anyone felt like that too....

Troll Lolokoko

Haha you can't beat me I have an average of 98% and i usually get a perfect 100 in physics and mathematics

Jay michael

I love this channel, i cant. Remember the background song tho

Wolf Army

If this is true, then I'm sorry for what happened, if this is fake, why would you fake something like this?

Stefan Folk

We really need an update on that tree growth tbh

Renan Felipe



qu est francais

Simon Billing

What have they done to Pokemon...

Snehasis Choudhury

2:09 Cody pushed the ball in literally!! Inspirational video

Lu Lu

Awwww this is so sweet

Get Trolled Bro

You probably left these out on purpose, but after they show the insect drone, they also show the tablet used in Arkangel all bloodied, as well as the bathtub from Crocodile.

Mom: get those stupid air pods out of you ears.

bob alasadi

How about windows phones

Erica May

“that’s a lot of tom”

rhys wall

We'll done

Park Jimin Lian

Golden Maknae❤️


Maybe she's a YouTuber too? Who knows #YIAYjob


biggest flop in the history of gaming Mark my words.

Johnson Everett

Am I the only one to ever notice every time I watch this how close that guy was to hitting the dock that Tyler threw in the water at 1:30

Dara Yourss

SEAN! Can you host Emily browning from American Gods on your show?!?!?!!? ❤

Carlos Quinones

You guys need to make a music video with Ok Go!!!!

I actually think things like that 24/7 I might be bipolar and I barely remember my childhood, was that a maniac period?

Malte Fonti

Das Video ist cool

Kenzie Rae

No one:

Owen Hayden



This was a really good episode. 

Nathan Forster

Kansas City Royals

Deli midir nedir budeli

Polly you are so good friend very very best friend please come and be my friend

Happily ever after (woo)


It's so funny when he says "We actually have a lot in common" :D