Battlefield Friends - All Colonel 100 Moments S1 To S5 hvh game games

Battlefield Friends - All Colonel 100 Moments S1 To S5

Battlefield Friends - All Colonel 100 Moments Season 1 To 5.


First song mario

Nancy Alnajafie




Sam Sun


Dr savage

Who's watching in 2k18


Lol usually there's to much action in multiplayer to look for Easter eggs :P

In a day or twooooo 🎵

Leah the Unicorn

I used to be a gay child but I didn't know until the third grade....

sana bolbolan

I am the justifier



Tikki The kwami ;3

Well the good side of your weight means u can crush people who made fun of you

IllusionMaster17 Dilan Lopez

And: "You are a influencer." 3:00... aching begging you to come help 🙄🙄 ik it’s lame

Alis leal XXXTENTIOC queen Villeda

That is real bad that you baby was born 4 mouths early



This is me THE magic man

How break his hand


Poor Sean, all of his ideas went wrong.

John Doe

When he remixed nips bars and said

Ley-Ley YT!!!!!

Cody looks like an alien without eyebrows xD

LH Drums

Who thought they were real

john carroz

omg guru uploaded a video on my birthday!!! and it is about anime!!!!!!

Thunder Sapients

At 4:44 it sounds like Garret in the panda suit

Yakisoba Dreams

I watched the gameplay before and was expecting the trailer to have Miss V. Gotta admit, she was hella cool.

plz sub

U ware 9 u should know

Aidan Kleinhans

no sound in space

Ian Marbella

remember other adopted kids. they wanted you.

Вильдан Исмагилов

русские лайк

Kevin Johnson

Lacrosse is for guys who really wanted to play football but we're way to good at badmittten..they got good at badmittten because they were too pussy to play football. Their mom's probably brush their hair

Laura Guevara



Real life Gambit!

Is he ok?

meep MeepMeep

Fyi its autumn not fall,

Yo Dog

1:55 super Mario

-a breakup would ruin their friendship

Ahmad Channel

Can you make video how you make the plane



green screen trick shot


you suck ass?:D and if youre gonna get the "portal" or whatever thats on the back why not just fucking cut the video lol

Dr Ramesh Avvari

Do ateam battle with the nerf guns

Elisha Palmer

My best move is the no looker

Bryce Hurley

The broncos

EvilDead Ash

A connect four not checkers


Above and beyond dude

Firey Flare

Bijuu Mike D:

Jeepers Creepers

Sweet Jesus xD

Goku Black211

Those cars are cool

Lady-But I want to hold a kiss and love my OWN baby that I gave birth to!!!!

Kendra the flying chicken nugget! :3

Almost all the comments are like:

‘Merican Willie boy

Film one with tyreek hill or Patrick mahomes

Ayejulia ._

My baby was born 5 months born n I didn’t find out I was pregnant till I was 4 months but he did make’s be 9 months without him...he was born 2 before my birthday I lost him July 16 2018 n he was born on July 17 2018 n my birthday is July 20th🥺I got pregnant at 15 I lost my baby at 16 ima be 17 in In 3 months n my baby gone to be 1 years old also

Chioma Egwuonwu

what kind of a woman is that?!!! She is a disgrace to women and mothers

Sunt Sfirmituri

What's wrong with these fans? Cowboy was obviously in danger to lose his sight. I wish the ones that booed to have their kids involved into a fight like this I want to see If they would "boo" in that situation.

Shock Radius

Hey, great videos man. But just wondering, what do you define as 'unused' easter eggs? Thanks for the quality.


Congrats! on your Chef stop. You Rock Bro.