Best Cricket Stump Mic Compilation Ever (With Subtitles) united games

Best Cricket Stump Mic Compilation Ever (With Subtitles)

The best compilation of the stump mic videos of Cricket on the internet.English translation of the Hindi comments of Indian & Pakistani players (Test match - India vs New Zealand )Dhoni to Jadeja- Pujara is standing behind if he(batsman) turns around to hit. I have not kept Pujara there just to clap.(One day - India vs Australia) Dhoni to Jadeja - Bowl a slower, showme how you can get hit for a six. (Metaphor to let the batsman free his arms)(One day - India vs Pakistan) Ganguly to M. Yusuf - I am not talking about you, I just had my own doubts to clear out with the umpire. You can take rest, I don't have any problemM. Yusuf -Cmon, I am not taking restGanguly - Even if you are please go ahead, I just don't want them to penalize me for this time, that's all. I just said this to him. I am not saying that you are doing it on purpose. Because they will be after my life later.(One-day India vs Ireland ) Dhoni to Jadeja - Let him come out of the crease and hitDhoni to Raidu - Cmon Raidu wake up, check his footwork and anticipate where he will be hitting,you have been standing like a volleyball player(Humour in Hindi) Dhoni to Shami (funny voice) - Shammi ! Come a bit behind.Thanks to WillowTv for the clips.

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