Best Plays of the 2019 NBA Playoffs | Second Round game xay nha minecraft games

Best Plays of the 2019 NBA Playoffs | Second Round

Check out the best plays from an action-packed second round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs featuring Kawhi Leonard, CJ McCollum, Stephen Curry and more!#NBASubscribe to the NBA: news, stories, highlights and more, go to our official website at NBA LEAGUE PASS:

Khriez zee

He can also see future

Dr Slambone

Where are my AWL's at?


Song name please?

Dom 1

Ty put the goalie pads on the wrong way

Dani Van Dijk

Like=soccer coment=football

Lil Nunes

Laurel Matson

Wait... I have a friend named Corin, who's parents are divorced and her dad verbally abused her and she sees a therapist and.... we have a teacher Mrs. Carter, and she's really depressed. Oh my goodness.



A Tax



Bruh. This girl does NOT need to be quiet, she was standing up for HERSELF. There’s nothing bad about that, and she doesn’t deserved to be called a jerk. The other guy was the jerk, not her! She just got sweet revenge in the first ep, and I’m sure you enjoy when you get revenge on someone.

Ooi Junyuan

Omg ahahahha ah ha guys there is one part where Alvin kept looking at her water melons lol


Quitting caffeine and marijuana It has really really help me i feel like i have a better chance of stopping panic attacks now that im off those things.

Alyssa Calfee

J.K Rowling is that you


He look like john chinna

Sorry, I know that's rude for someone with cancer. I hope you get better soon!

Ray Ray127

Texas roadhouse all ways win boyyyyyyyy

puthiya purayil mohammed thameem rafi

why people watching this?😂😂

Thank for making music Polo G 💯💯💯⬆⬆⬆

Logan Joseph


Bella 12331200

Anyone else who has severe anxiety do you feel like when you stress and worry so much that it actually physically hurts? Like sometimes when I stress so much it like physically hurts like in the back of my head. It’s not like a pain sensation it’s more of an annoying sensation if you know what I’m trying to say. It kinda reminds me of like an itch you can’t scratch like it’s uncomfortable and annoying but it doesn’t really hurt. Idk.


Everyone Check out my channel. I have a 174 Foot Tower shot and more are coming. I believe we have one of the farthest basketball shots in the world!

And one day.y I was picked up from school again and we had to rush to the hospital

Bertrand Beauvais

666 comentaire bas meintenent ces 667

Julie McLaughlin

Trick shots for life!!!!!

So they saw my breast


your awesome guru

Sam Gearhard

was that board a sector 9?

Mystique Lou

It's a shattering feeling

Melanie Morton

PROFESSIONAL ACTORS...... it's....big stuff, big money, these people are CINEMATIC ICONS❗❗❗ .......and for the masses it is DEEPLY respected and recognized .......the ACADEMY AWARD'S.......!?!..... ARTISTS......for those of you who would prefer other areas of ART .......go get it...... know.....###&&&*** OK bye

Shaurya jain


Ilovelawliet346 _

Well money buys me happiness bc I’m tired of love lmao

Samantha Sotelo

This is fake I just saw the real video the order is all wrong


when you said that you moved to England, why is Ireland there? are you saying that Ireland is apart of England? cause you are soooo wrong about that 😐 0:41

Imran The Pro Gamer


This video: 10 mins long

noctis rivera

poor brayan he was hit in the private spot i laugh so hard when he was shotby bobby 😂🤣😂🤣

danish combos

That's a resilient chicken boy

pineapple soda

In the beginning I looked at the head and creid

Sending Smilies

I am 27 and so tired of living this kinda life...... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa when it’s gonna end? I am always anxious feeling that I may die anytime...I work in abroad and alone my day to day life is terrible I am scared to make friends bcoz if they ask me to hangout with them I know I am gonna have panic attack... I go my room after work and I make sure to myself that nobody is gonna call me or ask me let’s go out ....

buddy boy

U should make a nerf stereotypes


at 2:11 pause it. that looks so cool :p

Ashley Guillermo

The buterey girl


Pincheee Guillermo !! Te pasas Wey ! 😂

Death strike 2

Math homework at age 5, wtf

A normal Guy

Frozen II: Elsa finds out that she's adopted.

Diane Mason

Slam Dunks More Like Slam Shunks