Best Rock & Metal Blind Auditions in THE VOICE [Part 4] game used jerseys games

Best Rock & Metal Blind Auditions in THE VOICE [Part 4]

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3ra vez: ella e callaita pero pal sexo e atrevida:V

rodrigo111 Ledesma

No saben aser bideo


That's a lot of trust

James: im about to rob you from all yr money heyooooooooooo


No Skull and Bones, no Beyond Good and Evil 2, no Splinter Cell. Tom Clancy’s Zombies. A disappointing E3.


Damn that hitman one was sad

after watching the video

Alex Mercer

lol the number 1 secret was lol XD

Karan Sarswal

OMG!!! how did you find those things?

RubberDuck PRIME

Default dance

Hussain Awana

At 1:48 the boy in the background was taking a pic with the sand castle but tyler destroyed it😂😂

If there are no easter eggs in a game then why do a "Best Easter Eggs" video of it?

Nick Tetteroo

There's a trophy/achievement called 'praise the run' I think we all know what that's a reference/nod to


just declare war

water melon

Yes and I knew it was checkers



JD Gaming

was tye talking wwe Hardy Boyz

Melody Lunar

First comment

Lovemoji Heartkiss

Is it just me or before he explained those ping pongs looked like cheese balls?



セーラームーン 1992 - 2000

thicc uwu

i really hope nobody is like this. opinions about things like the government, or political opinion? great! but deciding someone doesn’t deserve to be themselves though they’ve done nothing but love is not political, or religious, though many people use it as an excuse. encourage different political opinion sure! but this isn’t politics. this is hatred. you’re hating people for loving one another. you didn’t feel ashamed. you didn’t like the consequences. if you have an intolerance of the lgbt community, you’re homophobic. yes, don’t be rude or disrespectful, but you not respecting that community is disrespectful in itself. fuck off. why were they given a platform? the pitiful voice is pathetic. get. the fuck. over it. if you don’t accept people for loving peacefully another human, then you’re awful, pathetic, and disgusting. boo-fucking-hoo.


I just want skate 4

Anna Nonymous

Awww! He's very cute! Excited for updates!


Deshaun Watson

Kyle Pugh

Watched the Chef snow the other day! So hyped seeing you on it Babby!!!

Aex Lee

My father had an affair, so i came here to understand what a gold diggers perspective is like, trying to understand her, and hope not to become one myself.


wait, you've done this before, haven't you

Sister Squad Fun1987

Wswswswswswswswbhbhbww jk Rowling I luvvvvv u

Cool Kiddo

The dragon at the end looked like shenron (that's the dragon ball z dragon)


it's a multiplayer skin

May May

Fokin’ Hell

Who made themmm

Me: throws phone out the window

xshapito _

Imagine being depressed because you don't have a disease

Rick Sommers

fuckin great

Hailey Kubasek

Don’t make flash don’t make flash joke




Dallas Best of fhe best


Still Alive


Mr. Fish

1 year1 more subsciber

Naomi Hernandez

😀 can't wait!DA MAJESTIC HORSE 😀


LOL gars face at 1:38

Ms Obama

Damn at least get liltjay on this again

Whats that?

Joe G

This is the shot gun shot!...~click~......HAHAHAHA

Larry The gamer



thx dude i didnt know this had so many songsand easter eggs

Rene Rubio

Stay strong girl 💪 take good care of ur sister god bles u🙏

Meowlissa Schwartz

Anyone else get Rick Astley vibes from his dancing?! 🤔😆

Samarth Bhimekar

who dare to give such an epic video a dislike!!!!!!!!?


✅✔🔰these bottles might be 🚫☠expired🛇 so they used it 🏴🏴🔱

Un latte macchiato tiepido, senza schiuma e con poco caffè... tiepido, eh, non freddo!

He's back! <3