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Jesse Benton

OMG haha 1.ब्लड प्रेशर

DanTDM Fan

The fishing part

Adot G


Eliazar Southard

Go packers!

Urayji Ali

RIP Eggie 🥚

White Lucifer

Jason Belmonte is my favorite 2 hand bowler ever

Chëësë Måcårønī

Beer me Jim

MKB Productions

You did an amazing job getting those easter eggs, as always, but what about the Excalibastard or the Iwajira boss?

Skill EXED

Man these guys are living dreams

Garland Garrison

Hey Keanu, do want to work on motion capture for Cyberpunk 2077 or start working on John Wick 4?


I'm so happy for you guys :))))

Christina Martinez

your a sweet girl kylie!

me:mini heart attack


Holy shit the game review was great

Департамент Полиции

Не народ, вы попутали, это не пасхалки, просто кто то у кого то что то подсмотрел и добавил к себе чтоб не парится.

The teacher get me to the consoler you can imagine all the drama that has happened

mini kurian

Why did ty do every shot

esther osobi

4:10 pepper pig lol

awesome work!

Lydia the Human

Remember to talk to your mom and know how she loves you


Man you guys are totally awesome..dude i mean it.

Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT)

Cody: make your mom proud 😅

Lil’ Chungus

What happened to the old animator? The detailed drawings? The great voice overs?

Like if your team coby for life

Nick D

If that makes any sense...



Heart Ofthetriforce

Omg go to japannn

KittyIzzyLPS TM

I totally knew about number 1 all along!

Me: u wot m8

kini bahiyalo

we love you cory....😂😂😂

star light gingerpony

Ya I by from kids section becouse of some thing like this happening to me

Beetlejuice Luther King Jr

Seems like everyone needs their own subscription service these days

Isaac 10

1: I was dreading the thought that the next game would be "Breath of The Wild 2". Nothing against it, just prefer Skyward Sword and Majora's Mask.

Ivania S

In 2nd grade, I was moved to another school. 4 Bullies tried to lift my uniform skirt. Little did they know that I would have none of it. 🤜💥💫 I left them breathless 💨 and in the floor. I was called into the office, where in front of the main bully's mother, the Principal gave me his full support.👏😊 He even said that "If these were to ever happen again, that I have his full permission for hitting the bullies harder". 👍🏆Justice was served! 😁

Revathi Sunder

U could have given the ball to poor kids


The ghost in GTA 5

The Canadian Dude

Ah I see raptor fans are as classy as leafs fans

RegularDude000 7554

Dr.Jones must had died for ages, his clothed was deposed execpt the hat and the rope, too iconic to disappear

Luke Cieniawski

Make something from the office from cooking with Kevin.

Karl Osborn

Dud I wish that I could do that!

It’s PDK_CoNFuSiOn

Who is watching this in 2018!!! 😀😀😃👍👍😎😎😮😮🤑


Dude how many games ya got


im sad, big black died


I didn't care mutch about this game... Then I learned it was distributed by Ubisoft... and I began to care even less.