BF3 helicopter gameplay. Gunner score: 239-1 game day speaker games

BF3 helicopter gameplay. Gunner score: 239-1

One of my first rounds on Noshahr

Saii bebz

itis not RG who has win it coby

Vuph 2

Df how did you cheated in vr


great shot dude you can tell its real cos of there screams wen they saw it go through

Fandom Trash

plus bioshock 3 that easter egg isint hiden !


Who else is watching in 2019 other than me

Pig Queen

We have waited and I’m exited but that was very confused

GR Vedanth

Hey ty why do you win all the time 😡

Justin Clark

do a sky zone vid

ItsAwesomeKev !!!

Remember when he still had eyebrows

Ben Bickford

Go to Maine in the summer and go do trick shots by any of the falls


Pool toss


Damn I'm early. Notice me Senpai! Please! :(


It's connected to the zombies' story, the group of scientific that were making experiments wanted to try the ray gun so they sent it to the battelfield. That's all I remember

Mitchell Steele

manziel remember this in the NFL 👌👌


There's a dude in the blood and wine expansion to Witcher 3 durring the tourney that's clearly inspired by The Mountain

howdy flowery

plz make zootpia easter egg☆_☆


Its great to place easter eggs around your game but atleast make them hard to find

Rene Medrano

sick fucking rave in the ending lol, i did not know lady gaga was a special guest in this game

Matthew Harvey

Jet fuel wasn't enough to burn through the shingles on this place... Just saying.

Me: 📺

Ethan Kellerman

I especially liked the last Easter egg

Kelan Monroe




How.... how does she have such a perfect aim? O.O



Garrett A

I gotta say, I did not expect Mouth Silence to have the number one spot at all.

The red car sign....

hi, how are ya

I'm vary sorry 😔😢

Heir of The Lion



Not too many needles in this haystack? I don't think this game has too much hay in the haystack either.

like hitt