Kingdom Hearts 3, I Thought I'd Sort of Like It, Turns Out I'm Loving It game hats games

Kingdom Hearts 3, I Thought I'd Sort of Like It, Turns Out I'm Loving It

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Joshua be Steamy

If you ever consider a pt. 3 I recommend a show called "Joe Pera Talks with You" it's full of moments like these, plus it's pretty funny.


this looks really good i can't wait to see when it releases


wonder how meany balls hes throwen to make this

Kyle Strange

But walls are bad.... lol

Shon Mendonca

2:33 what happened there🤣🤣🤣

Laura Fillebrown



the damage

Sean Guise



wow this is so old

Layla Rodriquez


Milly Milly

Eu adoraria poder entender algo...

AzxStyles [GD]

They have to be so hot in all the makeup.

Brandi Lewis

Twenty five

Sue 1

Love you too

ØreoPiper Çookiē

She sounded like she was crying while telling the story, but I cried harder 😭😭😭😭

mario orozco

don't get number 4

Jocelyn Wiscombe

This video means a lot to me, since in almost the same way this happened to me. It was cyberbullying on a fake account- the real owner was my best friend. I won't go into detail about what I did/ how things worked out, but I feel lots of sympathy for Mary in this story

Lakeside Boys

Part 2 would be awesome

Jason Cho

Always, thank you for your hard work!! really enjoying your vids!!

Moon Da spoon

Love your videos man


The sound of quiet ambient footsteps in your videos is always so relaxing.

Can't believe he made it this far!!!!

Catalina Alexandriuc


HAH! -Gürkan

11.30 minute video from you. You make my day...

Angela Burton

Have you read the book called "In comfort of Mary" by Bethany Ford its on Amazon and when you look it up always put the authors name in as well as the title of the book. Interesting reading. My mother said that to me and she said that I was fat, ugly, worthless, useless and better off dead. Bethany suffered worse mental, physical, emotional, sex abuse which Bethany kept to herself, she was scared and worried about being beaten. She was told she brought it on herself as its all her fault. Bethany wore rags which she had to mend and make do, because she didn't know what it was like to have new clothes and shoes, she got second hand ones if she was lucky while her parents and her two brothers had everything new like her brothers had new clothes, shoes, sweets, toys etc. Bethany got nothing at all, she was beaten, starved and treated as a slave. At school she was bullied for wearing rags. She was scared and worried as she was victimized as well as at home. She tried telling her parents about it, but they said she should stop telling tales and grow up as she was ten years old. At school she was a walking punch bag, her hair was pulled out, kicked and tripped up.

Thali H

Rule #1 never put your face in it

Muhammad Haris


faris rahim

there is no call of duty advance warfare

Redhwan Lin

Make a video with CR7.

Jhane Igold

Why doesn't the panda talk

grant Shaffer

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