보람이의 아기동생 돌보기 놀이 Boram Taking Care of Baby game used jerseys games

보람이의 아기동생 돌보기 놀이 Boram Taking Care of Baby

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No..they don't, they make my life worse and negative like they are the one who made me have depression, I have been in physical abuse from 2015, my depression gets everyday worse like I have to wake up at 7:30AM (yes, even in weekend's) to clean the house, do the laundry, clean the dishes, walk the cat, and my father would come to my small room and say disgusting words and leave, my mom would come in my room and say ''go do breakfast for us" like I felt like a maid to them, not their daughter, so as my parents treat my siblings it's like the next level, they buy for my little brother a gift like everyday, my big sister gets what ever she wants like make up, clothes..and me? I get nothing like aren't I their daughter? I was born to be their daughter or maid? Like I started to even get scared when we go out like I'm scared to walk next to my parents because I'm afraid if I do something wrong they would let the public watch me while I'm getting beaten up, I'm really afraid of my parents...


Thank you for sharing.

Oh! Steve jobs!

Btw great video

Megan Strobel

You should film on the Kansas River by the Topeka bridge.


are they making a second season?

kawaii midnight


Unknown L

Lol why is a good video that was just fooling around being manipulated and viewed by ppl that don't understand the creator of this YouTube video or the movies?

Cheryl McKeeth

I feel sorry for the loss of her husband and her baby girl.😢😭😔😯😟🖤💔

Oliver Bozin


Eliana Alvarez


Ali Imami

Where is coby


Max has got his nose so far up Kawit’s ass he can smell his corn rows

Edgar Morales

It's ok I get bullied because I was tomboy too but don't be sad be yourself like you are.


Please make more of these! They are awesome and you are awesome for showing us them!

Alpha Fox

im eating air



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In the original Conker's Bad Fur Day on the N64 (also available for Project64 on PC), typing "EASTEREGGSRUS" in the cheat menu adds Matrix bullet time fatalities for the katana and chainsaw when fighting only bots in multiplayer. Upon decapitation with the katana, or sawing an enemy in half with the chainsaw, the screen grows dim, the action freezes, and the camera circles the gruesome mess in the style of The Matrix camera bullet time orbit.

Great tracks as always, Guru!

judge mantis

So this wasent a minisode cause there were more than 1 easter egg

J Bird

I am mr going for it

Gacha Mew mew

He deserves the chancala

vukasin vukotic

That is a lie

antonis beglikidis

OK wtf with the radio

jugetes majicos

No agan remix

Puter Monkey

Cody kills it as an old Dude. His comedy almost outshined the trick shots!

Nick cheung

The kid in BTTF 3 is actually want to piss and he's trying to signal the director to cut

Bakugou Katsuki

Me:*looks for bench to sit on, sees one with a person on one side.*

Charlemagne Salimbao

I feel your pain my father died when i was 9 it way may 6 7:00am at the morning i try to wake him up but he didn't wake up then i shout with all my breath someone help plz my fathers broter heard ny scream hi run sow fast to my room with my dad wee quickly called 911 for help i was holding his hand i was crying sow much at my house wee quietly go to the hospital may 6 1:00pm the doctor sead hi dead of heart attack i was broke dead num inside i want to die with him but i cant wee have so much memories may 20 last day before hi is buried i sad my final good bye i hated my self for what was goinh on my dad has a small restraint hi will alaways bee ther i never thought hi will die beacause of heart attack i hate my self i wish i just die my mom is the one with me i said to my self i can't give up ther r other people that lovee me sow k continued my life

Jackson Mullet

It was a catch!

White_boy 9112

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Arya Moazen

haha so rapey lol wtf


I feel really sorry for Mike, but i also have a complaint of the video....the hair should be pink

Lil bqn

Ramenez la coupe a la maison😁

Blank ZonƏ

Me: What is that gigantic thing on the end- OMG GODZILLA WHAT R U DOIN THERE?!


Splinter cell convection was 9ne of my childhood games.

Lily H

Is she J.K. Rowling.😮

simon the hawk

where's my Panda

Proper AR The science guy

How about a frisbee stereotype

Derrick Cardona


Thomas McLeod

She's Bi Polar

subhra collection game & etc

He ain't a jerk, she is.

that's all the rules

Claudiu Popovici

every time i see one of his videos in my feed i fell happy

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Who is that guy sitting next to you in the opening


I went to a mental hospital too

breaking news! world peace has been declared

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I need that ramen. I'm sorry, but I haven't eaten yet today 😅😂

Nicholas Hubbard

Boo shehawks go Rams

Amber _Wolf


Viet Mapper

Well, I do not feel anything like this. I am mostly very happy and get high grades.

Kristian Fabian

Ricardo dalisay ????

Богдан Молошаг

ЛАйк если руский


Do you think they believe in climate change?

Jalen Rose

he was offsides on that touchdown pass lol


What the heck kinda relationship is that

Starlord games

power wheels