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Can Plants Think?

Plants may be more intelligent than you and I!Check out AsapTHOUGHT: Your Free Audiobook! It's free: US!Instagram: Greg's (and Mitch's (Search "AsapSCIENCE" on vine!Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).Further Reading--More about plant defenses: about if plants can think?:plants hear or smell?:

Elizabeth Teresa Gamez Garcia

Thank you

Swastik Mahala

There should be a 360


whao. back in the day outback had giant blooming onion.

A Reinoehl

How many did you get correct? Me: 3

Knowledgeable Queen Khair

Maybe Africa would be a better place if they followed democracy they wouldn’t come over here


Doesn't matter how many attempts.He still eventually made the shot....


As I watched this video I am now supporting the idea tht Left 4 Dead happened after Counter Strike. alot of the maps have places you can go too!

Joe Stamps

The rope one with the balls

Wayne Dizon

woooo purple hoser for life

Ranjana Bengeri

I m your biggest fan I want u to defeat pewdipie, and also make a video on housework steriotypes and swimming pool steriotypes

The rage monster. Bathroom.....

Oops, wrong channel..

Ali_B_ Lush2

Could you please list the items in your description box? That would be very helpful. Thanks! Xoxo

Bill Christina

im pressured into playing basketball just because im tall.i watch youtube all day so i can learn i want to become a mom doesnt support it. im allways being ignored (im on my grandpas account) i want to leave my moms always on facebook and doesnt care about my grandma yelling,throwing things,and hurting us.i ran away 2 only to come back because i have no were to school says 1 more family insident and cps is mom constantly brings me down and on top of that im bullied at school. i tell my mom and all she says is WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? i am 12 and i havent seen my dad in 5 i have been unlike no longer drawing cute things and ever since i was a kid i drew people crying and i still do.i hate my mom and everyone so i have trust issues..and seeing this breaks my heart knowing that more kids have a even terrible story. stay safe and be strong! UWU

Likesthelife H

I’m new on this channel and I love it



Zarriah Mason

Literally he can pull off any type of makeup style

Sangita Surve

You are great dp

blobin456 drawz

"A sweet red head boy"


Where is 3:10?

Ryan Molloy

6:12 17 bounces


This was my first dude perfect video i ever saw


nobody makes the first jump- Matrix


im beter

Jm Malang

finally the second win



Doge Gameing_hd

eating stereotypes

IG laggmania

Rip old guy The legend

Did you notice that Zelda cut her hair?!!!🌚✨

jay ch

Yay all white peeple!!

Mya Iannuzzi

Is it possible to have both


Not hyped at all. Rainbow six used to be a tactical game. Now its just a generic shooter

Grady Rouse

Number 2 pls



favor and sharon Dike

I'm also autistic.

andres felipe hernandez

Is bery goo

Jonathan Poynter

What's sorry

Emil Pind

We don't give a damn shit about when you're watching and anyone who reads your stupid comment is funny enough watching after you wrote it aka in 2018 so stfu please and stop begging for likes

rashme k

Am i the only one who didn't get this..?

Break break breakthrough


fucking scary cats