Can we make DIY Thermal Paste?? game ok naam games

Can we make DIY Thermal Paste??

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jake wade

How many times do you guys have to do a stunt before you get it right? I can't even imagine how much blooper footage you must have

sorono yuki

Normally a pregnant woman should walk at least 30 minutes every day so their cervix can expand making the birth easier


They had to have filmed this tons of time. Even if you're really really good at making distance shots, once you're that far away/that high up there are way too many unknown variables involved that would have even the most skilled shooter depend on luck and guesswork.

Johnny Valencia

I can't believe this was HD 7 years ago...

Juan Treche

Please do a RC car tricks again please😀

Christian Wheeler

That was cool when the flour exploded💥

If this person is from Korea, then how the hell does she know perfect English?


Amazing work on easter eggs as always with MGS games !

I hope someone reading this feels better. I'm here for help and someone cares. You're loved and you're not alone. Don't forget.


Guru, I saw master Shrek at the end of video

Stork Kitty Kat

6:30 I don't know if he flipped the bottle before he landed his feet check it out in 0.25 speed.


😢😢😢😢😢😢 💙💙💙💙🏁🏁🏁🏁

Zachary Jeffery


Coby=1 please sub :(

Zain Khaloof

مين عربي؟؟؟؟لايك

Eddie O

I always love it when developers go out of there way to include Easter eggs like the calender man. I'll be honest, since it's been so long since I played arkham city, that Easter egg slipped right past me. And only a handful of people will even complete batman at 100%. And of those maybe a tiny group will see the Easter egg or remember it. The attention to detail at rocksteady is amazing.

Tmac plays

Team USA

Kilroy was Here

I want to play both battlefield5 and rainbow, they both got new stuff

Dead Account


Will Turner

Do a video where you unmask panda



Yvonne Kahler


Giulianna Gutierrez

9/11 remade as 5/10


i dont really like went people say their country is the best


These guys are Awesome

Isabela Vergara

This was soo helpful😂 a lot of people told me to stop eating sweets cuz I'm gaining weight but I didn't listen... I thought the cause was puberty or my period, and I can inherit diabetes from my family😅 AND i do have a heart problem that is normal for women to have but then you still have to take care of your heart:( BUT I'M A SWEET TOOTH🤤😭 I wanna know what happens to too much salt please😂

Haydn Smith-Howell

This was uploaded on my birthday!

Carlos Molina

how are you in pain and your talking


what game is number 4?

Me; divorce papers

kelli cromer

you guys should do Adrian belter

Juanpa El crack

March 2019?

Sebastian Filar

Thats why i love you guys and that makes me cry 😥😥

Alba Medrano

I thought this was gonna be a video about a girl showing her family to eat healthier