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Alain Hajji

Not a single word spoken, yet AMAZING!!!😍😍😍😍

Hyper Sammad

Finally! I've been waiting for a new video a while now!

Chip Hip

A day in the life 😰


I always hated battlefield but I am hyped for this one

Liam99c V

SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE! out lord and savior is dying! we need help!

Aaron Cronic


Sonic Awesome #12

F you

Galaxy Cat

Are you kidding me she has cancer and she’s more worried about her hair? She should at least be glad she’s alive

H3nr1430 •

guru is

Amy Anthony-harpham

Why am I getting chills from watching this


Jesus ! I wonder how many times it took him to make that shot.

Oliver Yi

This is just basketball trick shots in a baseball stadium

Rohm C0463

2019 Anyone???

up and on

area 51

chandu raj

Cong will win all

Vic O

Neither are worthy to graduate. Plus they try to almost hurt each other!!

Straight Outta Cochrane


Joe Bigs

Like watching Y'ALL'S but must tell the truth about the insanity COMMUNISTS CULT AGENDA DESTROYING LIFE'S like that channel y'all are on now (Nick)

I guess people like violence.... gratuitous violence....

(I’m getting Reported. Plz be able to take a joke.)

joseph sefrit


Jayden C

mountain dew is the best drink in the world

Alicia Ross

I never knew Peter Griffin would give me tingles. Also, I love The Little Princess! That is one of my favorite childhood movies.

rewe dern

13:36 you have been blessed

Aaron Taggart

for the club one I went to the right building and no button



Lightsaber effects haven't improved in 20 years looks like :/


Rappers keep putting out music about shooting others. Then people go out and shoot others. 🤔

Robert Fleck

the WWE hardy boys

DJ Whitlock

I would grade him a A-

HideAnd Gamer

Make a rocket battle 3

Cary Clan

16 million people with no life.