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Casually Explained: The Ageing Process

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Tatum Tripple

I was only three pounds when i was born too and i had tubes and everything. I feel you

BeVoncé Tae Tae

So now I need to be a writer to lose weight!

Tessa Pickett


Skeef Productions

I feel like all of the battles are rigged against Coby


Did panda ever win a battle??


"I see this as an absolute win"

Riverdale Edits

ANNIE X ASHER swearrrr❤

Fortnite Owl

Aw man that kids lucky now i want to make a wish


I wonder how long training was

austin freese

go to our trick shots

Just kidding.

Evil Twin

This is fascinating but do you really feel you have to explain what fungus and strife mean? Credit your audience with a little intelligence.

Amy Koller

Guys let's make a record to the most liked comment on YouTube

shadic 950

gotta love that voice


By the way guru, is their anyone you watch or listen to?

Brandon Fulgencio

1:14 when your on the toilet and your stomach hurts

Matt Zhu

if W wins this season, Curry would be definately the MVP.

luis fran

there is also a toy rabbid in Nikki Pearce's  house

jack omilian

haha hejsan!!!

You're choking me


Stop Inga is so cute omg she’s actually sunshine


Annika Corpuz

RIP the court

Kara Poulos

Nice shot ty!

Dank Gamer

That last Easter Egg... Life is unfair, but this girls story is inspiring. It shows that even everyone can be loved, and everyone can be strong when they need to be.

niccolo gabriele


Turtle Boi

(Description wise) The psycho throws knife at me

Sam n Nathin

Anti panda bullying association

O. M.


Colin W


StayCalm AndLookFresh

123 people are frustrated they aren't good at sports

Jimmy Fuentes

Kid addition

Gacha Girl

This happend to me

Christen Rivera

What is the music called in the one from battle of the sexes

Jacari Lemons

I am so confused

Nasir Pathan


Ricardo Rodrìguez

Good Job!

me: and I oop-

Donat Kelen

look at their faces at 11:51

Hannibal Johnson

Steph Curry is by far the most selfless and humble Superstar that’s ever played in the NBA. Never takes any credit...true champion!

Darwin Waterson

Well 5 year olds do stuff when I was five I could already do anything on a computor

She raised her voice and shouted at the headmistress knowing of what had been going on and told her it was her staff`s fault.


The Call of Duty reference in GTA V is awesome

Gaming Boy

Hey shot again rc car

shadow ninja09p2

Wow that’s clapped

Dakota Martin

They all suck it is fake

Maria Najib

those kittens are so adorable

Max Wilks

Help me with an accordion SOLO