Come riconoscere un Funko Pop! FALSO hvh game games

Come riconoscere un Funko Pop! FALSO

ATTENZIONE! PER INFORMAZIONI AGGIORNATE SUI FAKE GUARDATE IL MIO VIDEO PIU' RECENTE:con un video che cercavo di realizzare da un po' di tempo, oggi guardiamo insieme come riconoscere un Pop! fake in modo da evitare di acquistare un falso!ATTENZIONE! IL GRUPPO HA CAMBIATO NOME!Ecco il link a Funko Maniacisul primo canale dedicato ai Pop! by Funko, canale interamente in italiano!Video recensioni di Pop! e gli altri prodotti FunkoClassifiche sui Pop! rariSpeciali :DFacebook: su Twitter: @funko_pop_itInstagram: funkopop.italianadventuresAiutami a crescere! Metti un "Mi piace" a questo video :)Iscriviti al canale ✔Condividi i nostri contenuti, fai crescere la community!Grazie!Wagon Weel eletronic Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0Darkness Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0of Riley Kevin MacLeod incompetech.comLicensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0YouTube standard

MagicalKellie !

I parents lived in Vietnam I speak Vietnamese

Nicole Chen

An swimming pool

Nick Maclachlan

Who gets a middle seat on a flight..................? Loser!

Ttv_ SwetHard

Who else came for tom

Ateeque Rashid

U know what i was just watching the same movie..i m soo happy..that was wonderful


Giant rat and a dice sign 2 things we saw but you forgot to mention

Logan Donnelly

This just reminded me that we lost to the patriots 😫😫😫

JT Vids

Was I the only one to notice that at the beginning of he video, ty had no beard but at the end he had a beard?

Just 2 Mean The Sloth King


Samuel Brent

Weres garett

Alex Creech

good vid, really helpful


Thank you kind sir


5:13 why is the uk not coloured in

Jordan 23

Producer: Can you rap


Say what now, this fool met Denis Rodman wtf⁉

unicorn girl 36

I am confusion.....


Respect for usa and olimpic games winner

Ashith Kiran Reddy

Yes Coby will win

Rakyan Pradipta



I didnt now the last won from BF4 thx

Corey Jones

I just watched this yesterday :O


Awowkowkwowwkok, kerad ugha

Sketchy_Mini_ Raps

Look at the bad trash phone if your in 2019

Firestar 2525

Is it me, or does the rabbit in wonderland look like the one from saints row

DeavastatorTNT84 Cline

I looked up what the thing she has and there’s variety’s of treatments. So I believe this video is fake. Or she has bad doctors.

I Am Roan Gamer

I love the rage monster in this stereotypes and it’s so cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😂😂😂😂😂😂

Then comes the equilibrated personality, that is basically a mix of the two.


I think you showed the swamp boi already

Bear Master1465

I want to go to Brazil!

Hermann Enamorado



Detroit become human ☺❤❤

Jesus PLAYZ -Roblox & More

I like how TY Laughed at 0:15 😂😂😂

Pancake Doodles 2

May you please do one with Izuku midoria from my hero academia it’s from an anime, may you please do it

Berna Bernardino

one of my favorite trick shots

Timo Geis

Thats very cool


11/3/2019 ? Love you DPal! (; 🔥❤

Sjuul Schultz


Jaden Busby

I love you guys how do you do it?

Skrovirg Gaming

Why vid so short? I could watch this for an hour or more 🤠

piyush p

Taj Mahal, Agra,India



Painterman 77

You are the best😎

Cohen Miles

December 2018 anyone 🤟😎

It's my most adored anime!


I want that dirt bike

Alex Maricsal

True always speak out don't be shy if someone abusing you maybe you should stand up for yourself if that's going to let depression

Simply Bri A

I have been for every


I mean 21st century still some parents out there who don't teach their kid about sexism and why it is bad. John is just like:"seems pretty normal to me"