CRAZY DUMPSTER JACKPOT!!! Gamestop Dumpster Dive Night #757 qvc game of thrones wine games

CRAZY DUMPSTER JACKPOT!!! Gamestop Dumpster Dive Night #757

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Aidan Bruce

You should bring mark Scheifele from the Winnipeg jets NHL hockey team that would be amazing

Please, dad, I miss you please come back from the gas station it's been 10 years

Петър Мацалиев

And in the end School education is the problem

Ramses production

The maggot thing happened to me i put salt on my open wound like an idiot.

If anything, psychosis is often a really miserable, terrifying experience for the person undergoing it. Delusions and hallucinations might seem obviously false to outsiders, but to them it's 100% real. And while some hallucinatory voices are fairly nice, more often they come in the form of persecutory voices. Essentially, imagine being nastily emotionally abused and manipulated by you're own mind... and likely not even being able to realize it's not another person. Delusions have a similar deal where some aren't as directly harmful, if not "pleasant" (such as delusions of grandeur). However, many of them are quite traumatizing, particularly those that fall under paranoid delusions.

bob bob

what if its a evolved ditto


Bummer that there was not a lot of easter eggs like your other videos but still i thought it was well done.

skinny penis

So you didnt flush the toilet

Kawaii San gacha

3:22 kept me laughting

leon Leon wee2

I have play this game

uber knight

0:04 he spit from his mouth😂

0 subs with no videos without a video


Use Code Caleb

Baseball trick shots

Bartosz Wawrzeńczyk

Chłopaki zajebisty kanał

Morgan Tomaselli

willes (sears) tower in Chicago

Turtle Man

penniwise vs joker

omar p

Dudes I played this tame next year


Kim Hoogendoorn

it made me cry do a Nevis outreach one

Seth Stratton

I live right next to Ricky Stenhouse Sr. and him and Danica come home for holidays


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So 32 ppg, 5.5 rebs, and 6 assists is extremely disappointing? I mean you could say his shooting is slightly disappointing but he's not playing bad.


Have some consideration people like me. I only came on his voice 5 times

Kiearn Alexander

High to low to low to high

Carlos Gardea


It should be obvious why youre here.You become a troublesome student.

Adoknight Speaks

what the actual fuck!?! It shits rainbows!

Kingdom of Prussia

Wasn’t that the year that Miss St won the women’s one?

Quentin Burch


Aleks Wheeler

I think my throat is bleeding

Jennifer Waldo

I love your vlogs ❤️

He is ahhhhhmazing!!!! 😍 ❤️ 😍 ❤️ 😍 ❤️ 😍 ❤️ 😍

ø Eman Hafeez ø

Are the characters in this story muslim?

L.B. Craziness

250ft was amazing!!!


ye bro i fill ya and are life`s of Psychopath`s are good

leaf stones

i got an airline advertisement for this video

Sanyam Sharma

Awesome video

Sami Durrani

Most best car drawer


I had a gf with Borderline disorder and I wanted to be with her, but she left me. I'm someone that loves unconditionaly and wants to help. I didn't want to fix her, I never could... just love and support her, but she wasn't ready for it, I guess. It was a year ago and I still miss her

Hallie Harmon

Absolutely amazing!! I hope it's entered in short film contests! Rudy, you keep surprising me!