Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (Karaoke Version) game phalaborwa games

Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time (Karaoke Version)

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Remember that you are NOT alone. We're just one big family of freaks(I am drunk rn btw, hope u understand)

Ziquidz N2

Remember when the purple hoser had hair?

G Weems

Manzel sucks

Stanley Parkinson

The panda used to be an adventurer like you till he took an arrow in the knee lol

I hate the fact I can't hug him every night and say that i love the way he is, definitely love it.



it is so touching


Roaches are the neutrinos of insect world

Gabe Jenkins

Did you really have to put a picture of Australia in the video. PEOPLE KNOW what Australia looks like.

colette douglas



Surprise! I'm here to kill you but first let me sing... " I'll kill you. I'll still kill you. Let us start a suicideeeeee..."


I love Cabin in the Woods even more now!

Shadowlilly The cat

I will kill

Dulcelina Cabral

Hey young men and women this how you leave your foot print in your life.

Troy Butler

this is so fucking stupid


They look like couples who agrees?

Malachi Hunt

Jimmy Jon’s

I bet it ends with Kristoff killing Anna and everyone deciding olaf should rule Arendale.

FNAF Animations

I love this video so much it is so incredible,heartbreaking...and finally it’s all about his true heart and love :) god bless you

Kaden Lyle


Friends friends

Stunter Harley

Basketball 🏀 pitch

Daniel Freire


David Couch

What do you and egg have in common you're both hard-headed

The Gaming Dragon


Girl: I'm calling the cops

I Am A Gamer

5:08 pewdiepie

Ibrahim Al-Amri

hey guru, the next expendebles movie is gonna has a 9gag logo hidden somewhere if u want more information contact my email:

Marquez Jones

The song is L$D by A$AP Rocky

Terri Evans

i am watching in 2018

Nagaraj Manivel

Ty, why do you hit panda with the arrow.He might get hurt. So pls do not do it again

Zeki Channel

Wtf its to easy

Angela Case

Blue team! Blue team


You always have the best music and well edited videos. Keep it up.




I have found like four of those easter eggs, but I never knew what they were! Thanks, now I know! :D