Dead Rising 3: All Bosses and Psychopaths (720 HD) gameost games

Dead Rising 3: All Bosses and Psychopaths (720 HD)

Dead Rising 3: All Bosses and Psychopaths0:00 Zhi the Monk (Wrath)3:41 Hunter the Gang Leader10:12 Albert the Doctor (Greed)15:01 Sgt. Hilde21:17 Darlene the Fatty (Gluttony)26:07 Dylan the Gimp (Lust)29:41 Jherii the Bodybuilder (Pride)32:22 Astronaut Diego37:37 Teddy the Couch Potato (Sloth)40:50 Kenny the Copycat (Envy)44:50 Red the Illegal52:50 General Hemlock (Final Boss)Gamertag for Xbox: MrToastsandwichDon't forget to subscribe! :DFacebook -

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Yoelvis Rafael Pérez Brito

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Jake Davis

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Johnnyboi 2.0

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can someone explain to me why the crowd was booing tony? I didn't watch the fight.

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no one seems to be bringing it up but the music sounds fantastic, I really want to watch this movie but I also really want to listen to this movie


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The one in Allen is better it has a basketball hoop

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Oh man, those parts are in actual HD, I only have Harry Potter on DVD. That really sucks.