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Delete, uninstall Apps and games to iphone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus

*******************************************Music & intro by HarryHosted by HarryManagement & Assistance by Soledad RitrovatoProduction of Aires ComunicationEmail : Web : : : + :online Computadora, Tablets pc , celular etc

Chris Santoyo

Paintball stereotypes please make it happen

Mohamed Adnan

So old people😘

Färt Blu

Serious Sam First Encounter. The Ball and whistling the Indiana Jones Tune

mano j

Show a comedy cricket battle please

Mia Bitch

I’m eating Ice cream

Arianna Whitacre

at 18:44 something was on the camera and thought it was on my computer so I was trying to remove it.. found out it was on their cam

Jackson Wagner

I love this song!

Jeffrey Xu

Producer: How many bass drops?

Austin Fisher

I love rod and the packers

Lila Roberts

Have you ever heard of all the children's hospitals that are trying to help kids with cancer survive?!?!?!?!?!?

Shawty's Tarot


Blue Kirby

Level 1 crook : Let's play our secret game



Dave Morrison

That guy is so full of himself.I bet he's a douche in actual life lol

Mr.573 preach

That did not look like a shove , you chumps are blind and over sensitive , you suckers want something to happen or make something out of nothing , cowards want to create a situation so they can justify being bullies when in fact y'all cowards.


0:26 for dj khaled

Adam S

ive never had a single black friend

Rio san

Aww man. Otis is dead.

Frying Pan

Hey, There is a Easter Egg I found In Left 4 Dead 2, In the mall area, After Turning the alarm off, You will find two stores, One on the second floor, Another on the first. The First floor contains A Store Called "Disco Pants And HairCuts" (Probably not a easteregg, But its something funny How Nick Puts it) On the second floor, There is a place called "Kids Playtime" Or something. I cant remember. Going up to that shop And listening closely (After killing all the zombies and Turning the alarm off) You will Hear Baby Gurgles And whatnot. I hope this helps With Your Easter egg hunts!


Omg I'm Thai too!

Joshua Avila


Vito Santiago

Why he never shows his face?


nice music

Alex Wellman

She's hor

Mark Metcalfe

“So what sport do you play?”“All of them”

lisa merc

Noel have you tried a proper music deal ?

Morne Du Plessis

Dude RC Perfect


Half of the people reacting to the flower video are so freaking soft. There is no way they can live much longer

Arturo Villalobos

I love your videos! They're just too awesome! (:

JD Hart

Team coby


We need tyga


I like it

Goat MC


zen der


Supreme Jaden



Where is the ball at 0:09 ?

Bob LobLaw

To me it really just depends on what you’ve become use to in subbed vs dubbed for each different anime. Like if you started watching an anime in Japanese then you will probably prefer that version for that particular anime, and likewise with the English dub. I’ve been watching the English dub of Naruto on tv since I was a little child so obviously the Japanese voices are very foreign to me and make the characters I love seem unfamiliar.