Die Rache der Mad Queen | Game of Thrones Staffel 8 Folge 5 qvc game of thrones wine games

Die Rache der Mad Queen | Game of Thrones Staffel 8 Folge 5

In Folge 5 von Staffel 8 stellt sich eine gebrochene Daenerys Daenerys Targaryen Cersei Lannister und beweist, warum sie seit langem die Mad Queen genannt wird.Wir sprechen über die 5. Episode von Staffel 8 "The Bells"[Werbung] Streame die komplette finale Staffel Game of Thrones für nur € 9,99, inkl. Staffel 1-7. Jeden Montag eine neue Folge der finalen Staffel.Einfach, monatlich kündbar. Jetzt streamen: #ForTheThrone #Werbung #GoT #SkyTicketDas Video wurde von Sky für die Serie "Game of Thrones" unterstützt. Das beeinflusst aber nicht unsere Meinung zur Serie.▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Mit:• Yves Arievich: Rob Feldmann: Web: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Tumblr: Kanäle:• Film-Trailer: Serien-Trailer:


Guess who? :

Kondino PL


Semaj Cheneau

Anyone else love how the sea horse just stared at her like "For real? Did you legit just try to fight me? Girl please."

Mireya Hernández

MEXICO LOVES UR SONG!!❤ and the mv

Julia Chang

Musk: jlo: thank you thank you thank you


Whenever they set up their own pins outside of an actual bowling alley, the pins are way closer together than normal, making a strike so much easier.


1000 likes? fuck you, you get eleven thousand


Rage monster is best part

Jared Ricke

I think a DP baseball trick shot video with Bryce Harperwould be LIT!!!!!!!!!!

Emperor DarK

Scary as hell

Sergej Irt

Its more like trust trick shots

Violene Louis

Do you really want to know whos a good person.Read second word

So..... fiction?

Camy Labs

PLS do the episode of the series "weeds" (the old one not the most recent in Netflix) where the protagonist Nancy tries ayahuasca is one of the last seasons, the scene is on youtube but in bad quality and they didnt cut the loud part so is not THAT ASMR. Pls do it, is very relaxing!! Like for him to see this comment