Diplom-Mathematiker scheitert an Mathe-Abitur 2019 ! game used jerseys games

Diplom-Mathematiker scheitert an Mathe-Abitur 2019 !

Ich habe mich als studierter Diplom-Mathematiker am bayrischen Mathematik-Abitur 2019 versucht – und bin gescheitert. Die Aufgaben sind absurd schwierig, ein großes Unrecht! Wie kann man sowas unseren Abiturienten antun? Ich unterstütze vollends die Online-Petition, die eine Berücksichtigung dieses Unrechts in der Benotung fordert.#matheabitur2019

Yuri Garcia

I can’t believe the ‘friend’ forced her to smoked and drink that was horrible

Sabira Babakarkheil

the soccer shot

Isiah Romero


Live Tahoe

Ty is getting very good at flipping tables


0:53 dafuq? Thor can fly now.

Jaclyn Underwood

Who's watching in 3024 leave a like lol

YH Jordeni RL


Marcos Z.R

Did y fucking spolied te end of batman arkham night

Mystics AJ

I actually cried omg

Retro Jesus

Wats your first fav game

Adam Lee

aimbot -,-

Dylan M

Where can I buy those used tissues from? I can't find them anywhere on your website.

BFGI Water

Hey James! Play DELTARUNE! deltarune.com

Addison Lewis

The remix sucks!

Xochil Lendeche

I’m scared but I’m not that scared of death anymore but I’m still a bit scared

Josh Luckhurst

3:27 Hideo Kojimas face

Daddy Steve

:52 horrible voic3crack

whit hockey

What is the song

Compliment her kidneys

bharat sales

Congratulations Garrett

Big Chungus

I thought it was a fetus in the thumbnail

There's no hope. No one cares enough to give me the love an support I need. Coz the truth is its a community disorder. To treat it all the people in your life have to be onboard and wanting to help but that would mean they'd have to give up their own time.

Marlay Bulee

Apa cuma gua doang yg komen disini😂😂😂😂😁

A Crazy

I can't believe that Garrett had a full head of hair.

Gavin Sticker

Love the home music for the TSNP DLC Easter egg


haha haha final a face reveal


She said that being hello was a bad thing

Kacper S

I dont know why, But whenever I close the game (Im on the X360) then open it back up, even after completing the Intel Op side op, Kojima just dissapears. Is this suppossed to happen?