Battlefield 1 - Random & Funny Moments #19 (Bayonet Scares, Teleporting?!) game phalaborwa games

Battlefield 1 - Random & Funny Moments #19 (Bayonet Scares, Teleporting?!)

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Asgar Khan

@jmjdmkm true that dude AND! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted >>

Regah Productions

The "call me by your name" part was ultra gay shit lmao

Brandon Pitts

Coby %1


Wade Mullins

WOW that was high!

Ice Cream

Looking forward to see this!!!



Sam M

Kylie: Which car should i take?

Saskia Gordon

How many uncharted Easter eggs are there!

Munchkin TV


Nicole Rozalski

Do a sleepovever stereotype


hi :D




Henry Cooley

Let me. Axe you a question


You are a genius

Mariangelica Quinones

why would they throw a basketball at panda

Michael Dow

the portal 2 radio beep message is in the portal 1 sound files O_O



unstoppable gaming

9000 800 feet??? So you had time to measure it? #logic 😂😂😂

Young Stars

Please check out our channell

Sadeem Alotaibi

Yeah you can make it I the only one who doesn’t know what bretter means?

westan _

1:52 me

Rock Star

Every one become an Addicted to it 😵😵😷

laith_ gaming


Funku Nyow

OMG I just wanna share this every time I have a field trip I get 1 cramp AND OMG I FREAKING HATE IT


Max Frost

i dont know if its a brz a gt86 or a scion frx (idk i think i messed up the scion) but i think its a toyota gt86

Pub g Indian

Hussain bolt

LilyTheCreativeFox 3137

I am watching this at the airport....what? No! I am not are

Jamie MacDonald

thanks for raising the issue of female domestic violence

YNG Alpa

At 1:41 who’s Jeff toney

Baim Kids PE

I went to the store and I saw a gift card for bas pros shop

am ameerul

What is the last easter egg game name?

Expfighter ExpScout

Belmonte is the biggest DOUCHE in the game, crackle the cup!

Jen Phillip

After a couple months when she is extra comfortable you should see if bunny likes shirts too!

Madelyn Astwood

Dad: Hey kid where do you want to go for vacation Me: the bass pro shop

Bob Bercide

It’s a smile at 5:05

Luke Watson

you had to show a clip from MGS4 now i want to play it again

Alyssa Lee

Well I hope ur bully get grounded by their mom and dads.but why don't u tell ur mom and dad?


Let’s go coby

Michael Bryant

i see white peoples


I’m CHEWING gum lol

It don’t matter if you gots different moms or Dads you’s family if you’s family yasssss


1:00 looks like super mario to me

Baller Duo

I think the browns because they have no body


Your died

henk jansen

Name song?

Death Life


marvel and dc should be friends

What i thought while watching the thumbnail

Roshan .S

When is the Christmas video’s going to come


Eye contact with every bite...pov chicken porn

Sikander Baksh

All videos fakeall this videotoo fake fake fake