Dumpster Diving Phone Store! Found Beats, IPhone 7, and More Phones? gamekit 800 robux games

Dumpster Diving Phone Store! Found Beats, IPhone 7, and More Phones?

This is in-fact 100% real. The phones, from the boxes, are on display in the store and they got rid of the rest of the accessories such as the chargers. If you think we actually bought all of those brand new phones and thew the boxes in the dumpster, you must be crazy. The title is not click bait, it was possible to find all those things in their boxes so we decided to put a question mark at the end. Check Out Our Other Videos! Make Sure You Like and SUBSCRIBE Watch the edited version of the video here: forget to subscribe to Urban Explorer Jonas channel!

Indrick Boreale

Alright fellas

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They will.


My life


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I also like making games for my friends, but only in scratch.

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PayPal was a dead giveaway

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Does anybody know this song?

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Ty 90%

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It’s like, yay, cobys winning. Now dang, I'm last.

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Why are all youtubers british? #Q&A

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Isnt it Hxndr4ck



That L4D mod xD

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Did the spoon in your private part


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At 2:17 it didn’t go in

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Does Cody eating the camera count as a shot? Because that was my favorite

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From 0:00 to 0:44 I relate to every single word. Except me and my brother found out at the exact same time. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 here for you 🥰

I started in year 2. I had the best teachers in the world. They were so supportive. But one day a guy from the older class started to spread weird rumours and made fun of me because I didn't know English. He didn't like my friend as well. He damaged my things and my friend's. When I was really new I didn't know what to do in my homework. I used to ask my mom and when I got things wrong she would slap me and say. How will you learn I didn't study English I studied italian you should know cause you go to school not me. I did get help from my teachers tho.


he's strong, WHAT?

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who is in the panda suit??

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Minute videos yet this video was 8 min 🤔

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Part two

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dizzi sports part 3 and 4

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My name is the person who got stucked by linghing and I'm the fastest man alivee

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For the love of god do not dub them, add sub titles. THanks

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Wait... when he went to the hut and had his camera facing the hill by the house, why was there a dead horse?!?! 2:45


Dat egg throw- Ryan should have taken off his gloves.

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Like how

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This is my favorite video by DP