E3 2019 Predictions w/ Magic 8-Ball - What's Good Games (Ep. 107) gamezy quiz games

E3 2019 Predictions w/ Magic 8-Ball - What's Good Games (Ep. 107)

SUBSCRIBE: the community at right, the Magic 8-Ball is BACK! We run through our predictions for the upcoming extravaganza that is E3 2019. We will see new hardware from Xbox? What about a new game from Bethesda? Will Ubisoft finally show Beyond Good & Evil 2 gameplay? Will Square Enix reveal a release date for Final Fantasy 7 Remake??! Is this the year Britt hears about an Ocarina of Time remake for Switch? WHAT WILL THE 8-BALL SAY? Thank you to May's Patreon Producers:Lincoln DavisAlex RigopulosFaris AttiehMohammed MohammedSegment One: E3 Predictions! :44 Welcome to the show! 6:38 EA predictions 10:42 Microsoft predictions 30:44 Bethesda predictions 41:16 PC Gamer Show 42:24 Ubisoft predictions 55:40 Square Enix predictions 1:17:32 Nintendo predictionsWant audio only? on Twitter: on Facebook: on Twitch: discord channel: on Instagram: website:

Hehehehehe Boii

1:03 when you kill a baby pig in minecraft

Ascent Backcountry Snow Journal

Shater train



9:03 sounds like the announcer from Portal 2


omg look at garrets face when he's gonna swing the axe

w σ n h σ є

I dont think the artist knows what colors went together😂


the first time I watched Napoleon Dynamite on that specific scene I felt so tired and just relaxed

Haydog McDrizzle

Now do Kid jokes in Adult shows

jacob parker


Wilson Paguel

The trophie looks like the bumble bee but its goldenAlso 2019?


He tried to mine a diamond with a hammer, everyone knows you at least need an Iron Pickaxe...


Nathaniel Connell

Set the freezundo to thirtytwofundo ya dingus.


Face reveal?

Edit: will they judge me?


So who else is going broke in 2020?

Sniper kills Unreal

I hate you

Caleb Smith 42

Julio jones

Kristian Morelos

Incredible! Makes you want to buy a boomerang, right???

Fantasy Cricket

superb videotape

Timothy Atteberry

Soccer stereotype!

Eth q

Shit got me when he said the same line nip dropped, knowing this time nips names a part of it, ah shit. Rest in peace g, 👏🏻💯

Beverly Archer

This isn't the narrator story she's just reading somebody else's story she does alot of different ppls though love her voice

brennan hair

You are the best


Why are you not showing your face in your Q&A's  ?

...I regret nothing

Basil’ Art

Most of my friends are bi, trans or gay and I’m straight but I love them I accept them for everything and will always support them. My bestfriend is trans and she is awesome. Ok now tell me where those boys are I’ll teach them something

100pie 0eater

Do you have guys have errors or you have a really insane accuracy

Aaron Ku

Panda is far the best!

Fuzlin Fillies

Rihanna just left the chat💀

Hulises Avila EntertainmentZ

Aye! Size is just a size not a personality!

Marina Del Rey

srr if you play x box

Lauren Isabel


Take me home, country roads