Ellen Plays 'Wheel of Riches' with a Lucky Fan gamekit 800 robux games

Ellen Plays 'Wheel of Riches' with a Lucky Fan

Ellen played "Wheel of Riches" with fan Tracy, who was inspired to do good for others by Ellen and Cheerios' One Million Acts of Good challenge. Ellen paid it forward by giving Tracy - and her audience - a highly coveted prize.

Samar and Marya


Ryan And Joel

Who's watching in December 2016

Kimberly Baughman

Best Sounds:

Donut Girl

The Hunger Games is one of my favorite books, I have never watched the movie before. Love Dude Perfect keep up the awesome team battles, I love them

Noah Schmock

The song was super mario


Dude to888111


5:49 how does he know that

yhon keiber rojas villalovos

3:04 aaaaa mi pichulaaaaa

Sean M

What is with this guy and hot-tubbing!!??

Draw Creative


Lee Hopp

F2 was better

Dunja Timotijevic

I live in Serbia,and yes, many people here don't support gay. I'm 15 and despite our parents,many of my friends hate gays too. For old generations it's abnormal to be gay or even support them,but nowdays many younger generations understand lgbt. You do you girl😚

Dillon Killough

thay was cool

Fiona Playz

why is that hot dog so much MONEY

Hannah Caylie

Anyone else here from 2019

Luii Mehl

Plottwist: They are jedi's and they uses the force and reverses the videos.

merıc demirbas

Last one was awesome

Mathias: "Yeah, you sound real smart"😂😂😂


I already lost it when they show gucci gang

I have tried so many times but he pulled the Hypochondriac card or says its my Adhd not anxiety or my Adhd meds that calm me down are causing it but they are suppose to calm the storm of things going through my brain not make me feel like im in a helpless pit of despair

Daffa Dwi

Hello i,m is daffa

Smoking is bad and I hate it some people, I see drop a cigarette and when they are gone I stomp it till it is no more and I clean it up

Juan García


William Hobbs

Best game ever.


Oh shit ! 😱 This song is So so so good this makes me wanna stan. I don't want to stan rookie Ok i'm too old to stan them 😂😂i'm 95 liner