Ellen Presents 'The Voice' game day speaker games

Ellen Presents 'The Voice'

Ellen held some 'Voice' auditions of her own, and was surprised by some famous faces!

Abbs Winston


Fandom Trash

SLENDERMAN ?! him want to be famous..... choose him is so freaking many games ! ....

ihasnoeyebrows production

6:16 tf, the actors for the homeless guy switched


Yarelie Jaramillo

Bless her God

You will be remembered as a person who said “ONLY OLD PEOPLE CAN GET TUMORS”


I think it's best if you settle for Kevin macleod songs instead of this terrible background nightmare

Nkaye Marong

My dad also passed away. My parents argued a lot. My mum hit my dad once and he called the police on her even though it was his fault. They took her away for the night.i used to wake up every morning knowing that something bad happened the night before. I was only 6 . Now that I am 10 I remember with all my heart that my dad lived me.❤


@GuruKidHD the sand castle easter egg is also in battlefield 3's operation metre map in the out door area by the playground

Jessiel Ortojan


Martin Ballew



Lacrosse trick shots 2?


Uhmm so... 1

zero logic

It's your sister falt

steve kerr wildin 🤣🤣

i Eat Her Booty

Carmine family looks like from movie saving private ryan

And that everyone has the chance to play safe

Mariel Gonzalez

YouTube you happy i am watching it now


I HATE EA but i love Respawn...

Raymond Johashh

just re-skin bf4 without authenticity to WW1, trailer was amazing, but gamplay was fucking trash, this game is going to be


“I heard the nurses trying to comfort me but I heard nothing.” Bitch make up yo mind are u deaf or can you hear properly

Ascor 8522

2:05 Spinach doesn't have more iron than meat. That's from a mistake a scientist made when he wrote down the number on paper, putting the coma at the wrong place. Look it up if you don't believe me.

Bora Bekiroğlu

Hello with 19 million

chocolate drop

I now right

The Lazy Guy

Jonathan Cisneros

could i have a football

Dalila Rocha

That's why i am childfree. No kids to lock me with a husband.

Kyle He

How to troll people

Abbii MSP

If I ignored my mum she would turn off the wifi

Alex The Doge Gamer

October 2018?