Enemy's ENTIRE army flees in 5 seconds using this GROSSLY OVERPOWERED morale mechanic qvc game of thrones wine games

Enemy's ENTIRE army flees in 5 seconds using this GROSSLY OVERPOWERED morale mechanic

15 factions declare war on us and it seems to be all over but I discover Total War's most INSANELY broken mechanic.

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Dislike for Pokémon harassment

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Rockies all the way

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Remember when Cory had eyebrows

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Oh that last one, oh god. XD

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Its sad this game is "nex-gen" consoles only

Mason Jr. (call of duty: B02)




i love how you edit your outro different in each video :D

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Have you tried maybe changing the title to saying "I was bullied when I disagreed with basic human rights?" cause thats kinda what happened in this fictional story

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am Filipino


I guess it's time to jump on board and start watching it too ..

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I’m shook!

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Ok clearly ricardo's shots were fake

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The most underrated video on the chanell...

this right here is just a good chap

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Merry Christmas Dude Perfect


General Shrek

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Great lungs panda

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You know they were test from god and you falied.

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Watching in JANUARY 2017? Anyone ?


whats the name of the song at the end 

I lied to my parents and now I’m missing.

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this is why u dont name a rocket ship a traffic cone because it does not launch

1000 Subs With One Video

New Challenge make normal food but with massive utensils like big fork, knife, bowl etc


0:00 In 2011 we didn't had w8/10, thats the curved mouse

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i lovvvveeeeee your channnneeelllll

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How much is the dirt bike?bro.

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This made me c r y


stop commeting about pretty face stuff in the comments

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I want a panda suit ! <3

Sorry for being creepy.

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She's so beautiful omg😱❤

Ok then!

Deeply Blue

This is supposed to be a composite of multiple well off trophy wives who stay with a wealthy abusive husband more or less to one up all the family and friends while keeping domestic violence a secret. If you notice in the other videos when showing a story that is supposedly real the credit will usually have "script" under anonymous or have the name of the person narrating the story or at least the first name.

Voice of Sangeeta

They can do every thing

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Travis and the cowboys


Am i the only one who feels bad for panda :(

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0:49 my last three brain cells trying to help me study for finals

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And the movie hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

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I never had a depression...🙄and I wish to being happy always...😊

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back to the good times

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I think tyler will win. Or cody


Now when I hear the cartel I think of T.W.O things breaking bad and that horrible call of Juarez 


are these stories even real

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wow! I didn't knew how much she had to suffer to became so succesfull :D, but i've always liked Harry Potter