EURIELLE - CARRY ME (Official Video) hvh game games

EURIELLE - CARRY ME (Official Video)

This is the cinematic short film that supports the release of Eurielle's Single - 'Carry Me', which is also included on her Debut Album, 'Arcadia' - OUT NOW! Purchase and stream 'Arcadia' here -Digital:CD Baby: Play: Baby: a FREE SONG by Eurielle by clicking on the link which is within the video. This video was shot over four days in various dramatic locations in North Yorkshire (Eurielle's birthplace) and The South Downs in Sussex, by award winning and upcoming cinematography talent Nick Cooke (Inter Film Festival Berlin, Cannes Corporate and TV Awards, amongst others).If you enjoy watching this video, please remember to like, share, comment and subscribe, all of which can be done easily from this page. There is more like this coming soon!'Carry Me' is now available to purchase from all major stores online including:iTunes - - Play - see more videos by Eurielle like this one, please click here: watch more live videos by Eurielle, please click here: Me' is also featured in Spotify Top Influencer, Alyssa Mowery's Rainy Day Playlist. Listen to this playlist here: is a fascinating artist whose music redefines the Crossover Genre. Drawing influence from myth, legend, and fantasy, as well as our own human nature, her music will transport you into another world...For more information, please visit eurielle.comFollow Eurielle on Twitter here: Eurielle on Facebook here: Eurielle on SoundCloud here: to Eurielle's YouTube Channel by clicking on the subscribe button above or within the video itself.Carry Me - Lyrics By EurielleVerse 1While you sleep, dream of meI’ll be keeping our memoriesLiving in my heart and soulWaiting for the dayWhen we will be together againChorusCarry me to my loveO’er the sea to the clouds aboveWhere I know he’s waiting for meCarry me to my loveO’er the sea to the clouds aboveVerse 2Take me away to the shining lightOver the waves peaceful at nightThere among the stars glowing in the darkYou watch over meSmiling down patientlyChorusCarry me to my love…(Instrumental section)Mmm…Final ChorusCarry me to my love…Mmm…

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30th Episode! Hope you guys enjoy this one. The Crysis series has some great Easter Eggs in and I don't know why I haven't made a video on it yet. So the Big Games will be coming out this month and I'll sure be making some videos on them, Halo 4 being the first in two days! Could we get this to 100 Likes? It would mean a lot to me. Thanks. Hope you enjoy the video!

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Very nice vidéo Guru like all the time. Don't listen people that say "There is too much easter eggs from this game" Etc... ! They don't know that the work you do take a lot of time ! Thank you again for your amazing work !  Don't get caught in the mix ’cause this shit is very dangerous

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