EXECUTIVE DISORDER - Secret Service Gameplay hvh game games

EXECUTIVE DISORDER - Secret Service Gameplay

That reminds me. I need to get back to work on the script for my sequel to "White House Down". It's called "Whiter House Down 2: White House Downer: The Re-Downening". It's mostly just ninety minutes of Channing Tatum in a dirty tank top dancing to save a rec center or woo a single mom with a secret or something, then Jamie Foxx jumps the Grand Canyon in a car but the car's also a robot. I might give the robot AIDS. Haven't decided yet. Follow us on Twitter: n stuff:

Dreamlights 123

You’re so pretty

Shrey Raj

They accidentally casted their body doubles

Shadow 64

Let’s go!!!

David G

@jessemcbride10 yes i know how to play horse. i know all the fucking basketball terms, what i said is there irrelevant and outdated, doesn't have to do shit with me being able to play or not.

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State of mind

James, you are unbelievable.



They always say “ the rules of this battle are simple” what if they were like the rules of this battle are impossible

Itz_YoMa •_•

We pop out the classics. I’m burnt right cuz’a this.

kent's gaming videos

Fgt orange yay blue



Lindsey Malcolm

In Ocarina of Time if you shoot the window a guard will say something and then throw a bomb at you xD

Sarthak B

Ty is a hardy boys fan . Love you buddy , same here

Nobody wants you to be here

Juan Adame

do youkeep on going to you make it


Subscribe to pewdiepie🔥🔥

Jackdg 43

I live in Chicago and have a Seguin jersey

Jon Goler

How can these comedic songs be so fire 🔥🤣

I have to wait 90 days to change my name Bye now

This is sooo dramatic


Sometimes I don’t shower for a month

Jimmy Dean

I guess people just wanted to know what you sounded like because I love how you just have gameplay and no rants about how you saw you mum run a red light over the weekend


Lol I think the easter egg of this video is that this game is dope as fuck dude

Aron Odinson

Nice aimbot... you just earned yourselves a report.

Thomas Evans




Sophia Posts

I feel so bad for you I couldn’t imagine living with out my mom by my side.what about your dad he could of donated his kidney to her and she would still be alive right now

Mom: It's time for a bath

Ms Rana

I think this is jeff idea, cus we seen lele shits.

kookies & kreamy

This is great if can't wait for it to come out


Neither should graduate

Zairul Ridhwan Rosli

Nice finding on Tyrion, I didn't expect it was him when I was there. Thought some random npc. Also some guard in Novigrad will say "no lollygagging".

Truc Linh Tran

Chi co nhung han bi dien moi tu lam hu nha minh

Zoey's World


Andrue Johnson


Camiel Vermeer

Nice wakeboat

isabelle stanley

Why does this seem like a show I watched????


“The trailer doesn’t explain anything.”GOOD!

zak cudney

Football stereotype

Piget Pigsinthemud



3000 Subscribers? Now it's 40.000!

Ines Zerdani

Is that for kids???


its shaggy

Mini X

Dude Perfect is the most insane


im kind of surprised you didn't show the metal husband part

I love you jungkook 😍

Calista Tullos

“Where is the happiness in life?”

Abihi Yakou

You F#### b###😈😈😈😈

Peyton Schneider

I love you coby 💋❤️💛💚💙💜🖤💘💝💗💓💕💞

Josie J.

Right. Don’t do anything about preventing the worsening of climate change. Just build a wall.

Kalin McDonald

The Cleveland browns T shirt though 👌

Edit: Now I remember, also Beyond Two Souls is a PS3 title. Gears Of War is a Xbox title. Nosense xD

Clapper gaming

Cobys awesome like if yes

Ella Spingarn

Imagine having options like that

Me:well I found Jace Norman in tik Tok

Brian Calzada Orozco

Well, damn

Giselle , my cow barks

I just saw your snap i am so sorry for what happened