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Fallout 4 - My Castle: The Walls (How To Build My Castle Part 1)

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Anyone ever think that the heart is in the statue of liberty in GTA IV because it's the heart of Liberty City or NY or something?

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Who else cried

Dosmallthingwithgreatlove lovememore

Money can't buy 'CLASS!'...

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Truth Hurts

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Day 3: Considerable amount of blood.


Interview Cigarette or Smoky

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I cried when I watched this video it made me glad that I have my mom my sister and I have a house what I have I’m glad I appreciate that I have my family I’m so sorry for what she has been through , thank you god for my life 🙏

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Ffs make something that we don’t already know how to make. By we I mean people who actually cook several times a week.

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He's happy for someone who's just lost 50 bucks :)

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